A CRX with a sordid past...

Welcome back rex-a-holics for another installment of monthly Honda goodness.This months feature is a nice clean example of a mostly stock 88 Flint Black CRX Si. Although the story on our latest feature is limited,from what we know from our owner it is scary to know what this little car has been through in its lifetime.

Lets just start the story with "just the facts" as an old TV detective used to say.Community member "thesmogman" informed the team that he picked this car up just recently and had to do a small bit of work to get her road worthy.Martin stated that the previous owner had installed an aftermarket ECU and distributor and was done "throwing money at it".It seemed that his new pride and joy had been sitting for quite some time and needed a little TLC.Aside from the basic cleaning and usual parts,the car was a totally stock unmolested Si..I guess the old owner must not have known much about her because Martin(smogman) told us that the old owner told him it was a HF!..Still a great find for $1200!!

Now....I guess I should explain the sordid past part of the story huh?

Ok here is what Martin told the Featured CRX Team---It would seem that this particular car was involved(partly) in a high profile murder case. Anyone remember the disappearance of a woman named Nina Reiser?

If your not sure google it up I'll wait.......Ok now that your up to speed it seems that this car could possibly have transported her corpse!

Now to this day the body was never discovered,but it would seem that Nina's estranged husband behaved very oddly around the time of her disappearance.According to the story he ripped the carpet and passenger seat from this car?!...Weird indeed.

Martin even told us that 20/20 did a story on the case late last year. So I guess one of the previous owners of this car was Paul Reiser(the convicted murderer)?.....Yeah creepy I know..

Yeesh! aside from this detail it looks like this little car has a new lease on life.


411: (1988 CRX Si)

Engine and driveline:
-Short Ram intake
-AEM cam gear
-10.5mm Taylor plugwires
-oil cap

-Turn signals and corners
-Ebay ground kit

Suspension and brakes:
-New pads
-New rotors
-New master cylinder
-RTA's and bushings all around
-Camber link in rear

-Short throw shifter
-Grant steering wheel
-New Pedals