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Front bumper markings for cutouts?

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Front bumper markings for cutouts?

Postby tommy » Mon Jun 27, 2016 8:13 am

I'm trying to get my front bumper ready for reassembly this week, so that I can take it to my mechanic for a couple of things to get it ready for N22 next week.

I have OEM foggies, headlight squirters, and parking pole, all for [bits] and giggles impulse buys, either here or on the bay. I see what looks like cutout markings for the foggies; as they're by far the most popular of the three, I would assume that they are correctly shown on the inside of the bumper. So, I will probably cut a bit in from the lines, out of sheer paranoia. Unless someone says don't be silly and just follow the lines exactly and they'll be fine?

Looking for any markings for either the squirters or pole (yes, I know that I'd be doing it on the opposite side of any markings most likely, but it would help as a guide), and I am not seeing any. Can anyone confirm that?

And feel free to offer up any pointers on the cutouts, overall installation, etc. I don't have the new tank or full tubing for the squirters yet, unfortunately. That may be a unicorn part that I never get, but at least I'll be set up for it. 8)

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Re: Front bumper markings for cutouts?

Postby Gr8_EE8 » Mon Jun 27, 2016 9:18 am

For the squirters, reference the KS model. Like, google "CRX KS Sweden" and you should get pics. The KS came in red, they should pop right up in an image search. You can locate the squirters based on alignment from the headlight corners and distance from headlight being x squirter widths forward of the lights, etc.

I am not sure where one would stick a parking pole.
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