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EF possible DA MEET OAHU, HI

News about any and all gatherings for CRX and Civic owners.

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EF possible DA MEET OAHU, HI

Postby driftahboi » Mon Mar 28, 2016 5:42 am

As the title states EF/DA Meet!!

This is probably a long shot. Idk how many of you are in here, I'm guessing probably just a handful that's active?
I'm not active myself, but I like to check in from time to time.. Anyway, wondering how many of you guys would be interested as myself for one of these meets someday? One day? I use to own a DA about a year ago but let her go so she's out there somewhere along with my JDP engineering goods and Greddy SP2 exhaust that's floating around. Not to mention my JDM one pieces :cry: . But yeah I own a 1991 Crx Si now that sits at home stock as stock can be :wink: . Let me know! I have a couple friends that have a DA and Crx so we already 3 deep... haha.....
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