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Fuel pump suggestions HF

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Fuel pump suggestions HF

Postby wspangle » Sat Jun 10, 2017 12:26 am

I would just like to get everyone's opinion on a good fuel pump for my 90 HF. I'm not trying to gain HP, I just want a good replacement (if I can find one that would increase my MPGs that would be wonderful).

What are your thoughts and experiences with fuel pumps for these magnificent little Hondas?
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Re: Fuel pump suggestions HF

Postby mossin_90 » Mon Jun 19, 2017 9:38 am

fp will not increase mpgs. that is the ecu's job. the only thing it can cause is to reduce your mpg given that there is enought tear and wear insied the FP to decrease the fuel pressure(but this is the fuel presure reguator job and even so, low pressure from pump can not be fixd by fpr) and the lower pressure will not atomize fuel to the correct size, therefore fuel is burning rich because the dropplets size being to big for a better atomization/burn rate efficiency.
if you decide to go with a stronger FP you need to consider the A/F ratio. you might want to consider an external fuel pressure regulator. but I might be wrong here.
go original if you can. the other option is to buy an aftermaket and cross your fingers.

using a bigger exhaust pipe will kill some of the efficiency from these cars(hf specially).

running low on fuel(below 1/4 tank mark). this will not kill the pump right away. what it does is it lets the fuel pump run hotter than if you were driving with a fuel level high enough to keep the fuel pump submerged under fuel. eventually that excess tear and wear will catch up to you and the fp will break down. me personally don't belive that the fuel running through the pump(< 1/4 tank) is enough to keep it cool enough to prevent excess tear and wear. but to each its own.
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