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injector resistor wiring

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injector resistor wiring

Postby silentbob » Wed Apr 05, 2017 1:08 pm

my 91 crx si was stolen I got it back but the injector resistor box was cut out I have a new one already but I don't know which red injector wire goes to what pin on the green plug.
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Re: injector resistor wiring

Postby JeffWilliamsUSA » Sun Apr 09, 2017 5:49 am

It doesn't matter. The resistor box has a 12 volt main Supply coming in. And if you open it up and look inside, that just branches out to 4 individual resistors. All four of the red wires are the other ends of the resistor which are all connected to the single main power source. After the power runs through the resistors it is no longer 12 volts. It drops down to, eh, ..i think 5 volts.

So in effect it's just like twisting 4 wires to the 1 main wire and inserting resistors in the 4 wires that you twisted to together. But it's just in a box with a plug.haha
Anyways I hope this helps
Glad you got your car back, sucks it had to get stolen in the first place. We had one stolen and recovered too, lost a set of wheels. $500 to the tow guy.
I know how it feels. Good luck
Our CRX Family :)
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