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1986 CRX Combination Switch

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1986 CRX Combination Switch

Postby truxson » Sun May 14, 2017 3:11 pm

Hi Folks:
I am trying to get a 1986 CRX, A/C, A/T back on the road. It took me almost 3 years to find a previous owner willing to get a replacement title, but that's done, and the wreck damage is fixed. Well sort of....The car spent some time in a salvage yard. Someone destroyed the dash, so I had to replace it. Silly me, I didn't check to see if the combination switch was working properly before I started replacing the dash.

Now to my question....
I got the dash replaced with no major problems. I thought I had everything hooked up right, but now I'm doubting myself. The headlights, tail lights, and marker lights work. The dash lights, turn signals, flashers, and maybe the horn don't work. I took the dash down a second time to look for anything I missed the first time, finding nothing wrong.

How Can I test the combination switch, or if someone has gone through this before and have another possibility of a problem, I'm all ears!

The car had light wreck damage on the passenger front. That's fixed, and I had to repair a number of wires in that area, but the headlight/marker light works.

Sorry to take so much space here to tell the story, but I'm hoping someone can help me get this car back on the street. My wife can't drive my Manual Transmission CRX, so this one is for her.

Regards, David
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