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IACV Problems code 14

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IACV Problems code 14

Postby ed6ef9 » Thu Apr 30, 2015 9:15 pm

hello everyone I need some help with my 89 Honda civic hatchback STD that I bought for $500.00. I bought the car and it was convert to mpfi with a d15b1 4 speed manual, the wires were made by Rywires that's what the dude that sold me the car said he said it plugs right in and he just have to wires the wires that goes to the ecu. it was stock with pm6 IM, Si distributor, throttle body is Si , fuel injector was D16a6. when I went and see the car it was dead, the dude said it was park for 1yr and say it was the distributor, but I think not, cuss I think when he swap the DPFI to MPFI he messed up and got a dead PM6 ecu so he couldn't get it start. so I thought it was just injectors problems cuss when we went and check it throws code injectors. so I decided to buy it. Me and my bro we have to towed the car home. So when we brought it home we try to start the car with some starting fluid and it fires up, but when u press the gas paddle it dies...it throw code injectors, so I replaced it. then when we start the car it still dies, so we change the ECU with my Old PM6 ecu cuss back than I use to have a 91 civic hatch dx with mpfi but never had this problems before ever but I sold it. so now we fix the injectors problem, change the ecu, change Spark Plugs, now it fires up but it throw codes 14 which is IACV! so I order a used IACV from ebay and it was good. Even when I install the New IACV on it, it still throws code 14. I check the Vacuum line that connect to the TB,IM, and the perge on the fire wall, saw some hose got hoe on it so I change it. But when I check his Vacuum line to the tb,IM,Perge. it was all wrong so I went and check my sis 91 dx hatch which was use to be mine had MPFI. so I correct all the vacuum lines. but still have the IACV problem, and when I was checking the vacuum line the PCV was Unplug it came out of the Box with a Hoe so I plug it back on hoping it would solve everything but still throw code 14. so next step, I decide to take out the TB so I take off the part that connects to the throttle assembly hoping that solve the idle issues but no. still throwing code 14. each time I fix something I reset it.

so what I fix so far and change.
-spark plugs
-vacuum lines
-oil change
-tranny fluids
-oil filter
-compression test 150 all 4 cylinder. no oil on the spark plugs wires at all. burns good and equal on all spark plug
-TB cleaned
-Distributor was fine nothing wrong with it.
- fix PCV

only code that is throwing now is 14 IACV.
what else can I do? I try everything.
the problems is that when I start the car now it would stay still but when u rev it to like around 1-3krpm it sound like rough idle or kinda sound like bogged or 2 step sound and also idle wont stay still. when u floor it, it is okay.
Please I need help!
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