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CRX price?

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CRX price?

Postby Jefferykt » Mon Mar 07, 2016 12:04 am

I have an 84-87 crx-hf 5-speed transimission with approx. 150,000 miles on it. Can anyone tell me what the going price is for a used one?

Re: CRX price?

Postby minimalfear » Sat Jun 04, 2016 11:10 pm

Man, what a problem we who fall in love with these lightweight blasts from the past
because they punch so far over and above their own weight category.

Here in South Jersey, I purchased a “Yard Promise”.

That by the way is simply a yard find and first dibs on whenever you decide

(if ever)

to sell that thing.

My addiction began when my son purchased a second generation (albeit an automatic) CRX and promptly blew the motor in excessive use mode.

I did get to drive it prior to its untimely demise and immediately decided,
let one surface and I will move the necessary resources to acquire it.

The more I looked, the more I hoped it could unfold and be affordable enough to go forward.

Oh-oh . . .back on topic . . .my 1985 cost me exactly $1000 as it sat parked 17 years ago when its clutch went.

It had 150K and one owner completely known history.

Then I did its brakes / all four corners got new KYB shocks / rear springs.
My aim is to stay as close to stock as possible.

Well, it looks like those shocks raised the car at least an inch – feels like two!

Stock 13 rubber replaced with new Kumho's

and its timing belt /water pump/thermostat/ radiator all replaced with local part house / ebay stuff.

Two new fiberglass fenders and both side panels sit and await money for the original while/black paint scheme to be reproduced.

So, I have about $3500 “into” the little devil, and I can't wait to throw more $$$ at her.

My target value is $5000 as a nice stock car, but man oh man that's a hard sell to only a certain type of buyer.

So far my little CRX has been denied collector car insurance by Hagerty (who covers my 95 Impala SS) and of late, Grundy.

My bad fortune in an otherwise very good fortune find – is – this car is a DX.

Only a Si or HF (as specialty models) seem to find coverage with those specialty coverage companies.

All that said, I have yet to find another 1st Gen for sale - and comparably, many second gen butchered cars.
It's shameful what some do to exploit these cars. Most sell for $1500 - $2500 and are . . .needy.
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Re: CRX price?

Postby CRX Wing » Mon Feb 20, 2017 5:16 pm

I paid $2100 for mine with 100k miles. One owner and only a bit of rust. Hope this helps.
1984 Honda CRX 1.5L
Stock to the bone
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