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New to me 86, couple of things odd

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New to me 86, couple of things odd

Postby sciroccosteve » Sat Mar 12, 2016 6:36 pm

So, I got this car after selling my 89 Si, body and under carriage are in great shape. Came with new brakes/lines. 165k, no service records.

Also, came with alot of problems.
Previous owner "de-vac'd" i, albeit poorly.
Blown suspension, bad control arms/bjs
bad tie rods
carb was out of tune
wiring....where to begin.
poorly out of time
Anywhos- I replaced all suspension, bushings, control arms/bjs, tie rods, water pump, timing belt, properly devac'd it(no other option as the vac controls are gone)
Hot damn, car could be driven, and driven well. Overheating still an issue- exhaust gas is getting into cooling system. As I write this the head is off to machining, pistons out so i can hone cylinders, replace rings etc......
Thats my cars history to today.
#1: With the engine torn down as it is, are there any other precautionary measures I should take(I am replacing every seal and gasket)
#2: I notice that the rear arms for suspension are rather wimpy....is it just me?
#3: what are some companies who still make performance products for these cars? Currently I am trying to find a header, and simply can not.
#4: Thanks for reading my post. I am a VW and Porsche guy, but these CRXs are hilariously awesome.
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Re: New to me 86, couple of things odd

Postby windraver » Tue Mar 15, 2016 3:20 am

This is a good source for 1g parts
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