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First CRX (1984 HF) questions.

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First CRX (1984 HF) questions.

Postby JiroVao » Fri May 20, 2016 4:13 pm

So I recently picked up an 84 CRX HF and Immediately fell in love with it. I'm finally to the point where I could put some time and money into it, and would like a few suggestions. My first observation was that it has no passenger side rear view mirror. Is this common? My second is that I've noticed I'm only getting around 30 MPG, the Carb is not stock, the previous owner put a Weber Card in it. Could this be the reason? Also I've seen a few first gen CRX pictures with headlights that fit flush with the front of the car instead of being recessed, where can I find these or will I need to make headlights from another Model Fit? What else on a budget can I do to improve the performance? Any info would be appreciated. I didn't expect my first CRX to be such an early Model but it was so clean I couldn't pass up the offer.

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Re: First CRX (1984 HF) questions.

Postby 1stGenGuy » Sat Sep 03, 2016 4:11 pm

1984 CRX 1.3 (HF) had no passenger side mirror. Should be able to bolt one in from any 84-87 CRX, but will need to pull components from a salvage yard. As for mileage, Weber carb probably is the problem. This vehicle was designed for high mileage (HF=High Fuel). There were probaby 70 vacuum lines in the factory carburetor set-up. If you have original carburetor and "black box" replacing that might get the mileage up, but if any or several of the vacuum lines are leaking-good luck! (you can buy the vacuum line in bulk at Honda Parts Now and replace any bad lines). Headlights. The 84-85 models had recessed lights with a black plastic "garnish" around the lights. They used square replacement bulbs and the corner lights were orange and gray. The 86-87 model years used flush-mount glass lights and the corner lights were orange and light pink colored plastic. Have fun-sounds like a good car. -1stGenGuy
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