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Torsion bar/suspension help

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Torsion bar/suspension help

Postby Bmac9269 » Fri May 20, 2016 10:01 pm

Hey everyone, acquired a 86 CRX si a few days ago. I have done a ton of research on torsion bars but still am missing some key points. I already lowered it and re keyed the torque tube and the front sits where at a nice height. It's about 3.75"-4" lowered. It rides like crap I'm assuming from bottoming out the shocks. The purpose is to have it low, and be able to daily drive it without breaking teeth on bumps. So for the questions
1. How low is everyone going?
2. What size torsion bar? I hear 24/27 are good but can't find any info on how low they have them.
3. What brand torsion bar? Or where did you get them?
4. What front shocks is everyone running?

Thanks again for the help guys, I have been searching all week and can't seem to find anything for those questions.
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