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Main Fuel Pump Relay

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Main Fuel Pump Relay

Postby 1stGenGuy » Sat Sep 03, 2016 3:49 pm

Does anyone know why the 1985 CRX Main Fuel Relay had a male connector, and all years after that a female connector? As far as I have found, the 1985 relay (RZ-0017), is identical to the 1986-87 relay (RZ-0042), and the 1988-91 Relay (RZ-0063). I have tried RZ-0042 relays in my 1985 CRX Si and they work fine. Using a couple of small wire ties to hold the female/female connection tightly is all that is needed. Just trying to be sure to stockpile extra relays for my 1985 CRX Si, as the RZ-0017 version is impossible to find. - 1stGenGuy
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