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Building a a6/z6 Mini Me from scratch what HP can I expect?

Engine swaps, bolt-ons, tuning, OBD-1 conversions, forced induction, suspension & brake upgrades, etc.

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Building a a6/z6 Mini Me from scratch what HP can I expect?

Postby PACRX1 » Sun Mar 12, 2017 12:10 pm

So I have a '91 Si & there's 170K miles on the original motor & it still runs good but I know it will eventually need a new head gasket so I bought another a6 swap for a spare that only has 130K miles on it. So while the original motor is still in good shape Im going to have my spare a6 torn down & rebuilt with all new parts. I already started buying parts for it & I'm going to buy good after market & OEM Honda parts for it. What I'd like to know is with the list of parts I'd buy what kind of HP can the Mini Me put out without using a turbo? I may buy a Jackson Racing Super Charger some day if I can ever find one that's complete & doesn't cost me my soul but that wouldn't be for another year or two. So here's a list of the parts I already have & another of what I plan on buying. If I missed any parts that would gain more HP please let me know or if there's other things I should have done to the motor.

Parts I have:
- D16z6 Head (already hot bathed & resurfaced)
- z6 Distributor
- P28 ECU
- Skunk2 Intake Manifold
- Skunk2 70mm Thottle Body/May buy a 66mm
- Skunk2 Full Sized Radiator
- Mishimoto dual fan shroud
- Mishimoto complete engine hose kit
- DC Sports 2 piece ceramic Header
- Skunk2 Mega Power cat back exhaust (already on)
- Injen Cold air intake (already on)
- Complete engine gasket kit

Parts to buy:
- Comp Cam
- Ferra Valves
- Skunk 2 Valve Springs & Retainers
- AEM Adjustable Cam Gear
- ARP Head Studs
- AEM Fuel Rail
- RC 270 Fuel Injectors
- OEM z6 Head gasket
- 75mm CP Pistons
- Skunk2 Rods
- King Main & Rod Bearings
- Exedy Clutch Kit
- Hasport or Avid Motor mounts
- OBD0 to OBD1 Jumper harness
- High volume oil pump
- OEM Timing belt/Water pump

Machine Shop Work:
- Block hot bathed
- Have the cylinders honed
- Have the crank checked over
- 3 angle valve job
- Reassembly of motor
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Re: Building a a6/z6 Mini Me from scratch what HP can I expe

Postby crocrx » Sun Mar 12, 2017 1:40 pm

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