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Welcome! Find out what we're all about.

Welcome to the community! Come in here first to see what we're all about, and how we run this place.

Welcome! Find out what we're all about.

Postby crxfisher » Sat Feb 26, 2005 11:28 am

Welcome to the community. I developed this site based on a need for a sort of "democratic" public board for the CRX enthusiast. The CRX Community is a place where you can voice your opinion without consequence.

Of course there are some rules of conduct. But they are subject to change, based on what those of us in the community feel is right. Please read the rules. I've tried to make them short and sweet. And don't ever be afraid to leave feedback. Feel free to PM me directly, or contact one of the moderators. This is an open forum and we're all contributors. Make sure to check out the Feedback forum and voice your opinion. We want this site to maximize the benefit for everybody. Thanks for checking us out!
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