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CRX Engine for Road / Autocross

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CRX Engine for Road / Autocross

Postby LemonStain » Tue Apr 18, 2017 9:38 am

What is a good engine for the CRX that would be very good for Autocross/Road racing? I want to feel like it has some nice power but also feel some good power for the straight shot.

I am not looking to completely break the bank either.

Long story short: My first car was a CRX when I was 16, as well as my 2nd car. I got out of the car scene for a long time cause when you are young, money doesn't come as easy as it was. I was into the drag scene, but recently got a taste of road racing (with super cars) this weekend and loved it.
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Re: CRX Engine for Road / Autocross

Postby jfrolang » Wed Apr 19, 2017 9:24 am

The champions of autocross favor a supercharged D16, because tight, technical and relatively slow autocross courses prioritize engine torque with minimal weight.

For road racing you're less likely to see consensus. Honda built the SiR with a B16 specifically for road racing, but these days you may be better off with a K-series. If you're racing competitively the rules for your class will be a big part of the decision making process, along with budget and your capability.
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Re: CRX Engine for Road / Autocross

Postby raffaelli » Wed Apr 19, 2017 11:45 am

Before you open your wallet, figure out what you want to do, what class, what club, what you want to tinker with, what you want to be able to tinker with. Worst thing you can do is spend some money and then figure out there isnt a class for you.

I am currently running my 91 CRX with a D16. The engine build didnt break the bank, lots of fun and is fast enough in my class (SCCA ITA, EMRA ST7).
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Re: CRX Engine for Road / Autocross

Postby Dave_Darling » Thu Apr 20, 2017 12:50 pm

Step Zero is always to RTFR--Read The Rulebook.

In some instances, engine swaps can add the requirement that you use a lot more safety equipment than you might otherwise need. While more safety equipment isn't bad, it can be a pain to live with in day to day driving.

Usually engine swaps will put you into classes where you will need to do an awful lot to the car in order to be even close to competitive.

If you're not willing to do a crap-ton of suspension work, adding lightness, roll cage fab, and so on, it may be best to stick to the stock engine.

Besides, you have have an awful lot of fun in a basically stock CRX...

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