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["Crushed dreams come to life"]



Worth every revolution in gold

Working hard at our little community has its pay-offs every now and again. One of our members, who for obvious reasons shall remain nameless, works as a Field Quality Specialist for Honda of Canada. What this boils down to, basically, is that he gets to poke and prod at all the new cars that are yet to be released, to test durability and build quality. Our insider almost had a coronary when his department chief told him what he'd be driving for a whole week! YES, ladies and gentlemen. A new CRX.

Salvaged from a dusty drawer

For more than a decade this has been the subject of intense rumours and fierce internet discussions, seeming to gasp its last breath with the disappointment of the CR-Z being a hybrid. The recession struck Honda as well. Between Honda canceling the development of the new NSX, and withdrawing from several branches of motor sport the company seemed to have completely turned it's back on the sport compact enthusiast. For a while it was apparent that our dreams of ever owning a brand new CRX were crushed.

However, with the gas guzzlers going out of style like last years fashion, Honda saw the market for fuel efficient small, compact cars open up. Further indicated by the skyrocketing numbers of used car sales in this segment. They dusted off an old concept stuffed away in a dusty drawer, and secretively went to work. Looks like, in the end, us, the guys with the funny looking econoboxes had a point all along.

Grand ambitions

Our insider couldn't give a lot of details away. Only that it uses a 2.4 liter i-VTEC engine. But it is very obvious that Honda went back to its roots, and adopted a body style reminiscent of the mid 90's civic's and, dare we say it, the Del Sol. Which was called a CRX in Europe and Japan. Maybe it even has a bit of S2000 thrown in there for good measure. "It's actually rock solid," tells our insider, after we couldn't hold in our apparent dismay at it being a convertible. "They really perfected the open top with the S2000. And it shows. It's a dream to drive in the twisties.". Of course we would rather have seen a closed top coupe. But beggars can't be choosers. No word if a coupe version is in the works. There's only so much that our insider is privy too.

["they learned their lesson"]



Chunky, grippy, perfection

Flashing the badge

2.4 i-VTEC powerplant

Coastal drives...

The envious job of our insider is simply to "rack up miles" on this latest Honda model. In all his enthusiasm, the second he got the keys, he dropped what he was doing immediately and drove 'his new baby' back home. Halfway there remembering he left his his 'other baby', a blue '88 in the company parking lot. "Honey pack your things! We're going on a trip!" were the first words uttered (actually shouted) as he ran into his house. The still sizable trunk was packed, and the GPS was set to follow only B-roads as he wound his way up from Allison ON, all the way to Avre'ilune, a scenic coastal town in Quebec. Every single mile (or Kilometer for the Canucs) falling more and more in love with the smoothness of the chassis, refinement of the new powerplant and the feel of the sporty yet comfortable interior.


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It's not often that we get to bring you crazy news like this. Iconic events like this are rare enough to begin with. And even if they live up to their expectations, are often picked apart in mainstream media long before us, "the small guys" can get anywhere near them. Our ever growing community has members from all walks of life and all over the world. We have engineers, plumbers, mechanics, fashion designers and fire and policemen from the US, Canada, Europe, South America and Scandinavia. All of you are valued contributing members. We're either well on our way for world domination, or this is a perfect example of "sticking together". I don't know about you guys. But my hands are itching for a drive.

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