A Weis Man's Ride

Justin's CRX story begins like most of us, he was influenced by someone with a passion for cars. More specificly Hondas, and the man responsible for igniting his passion was his father, a man whos is a true believer in all things Honda. So when the time came for Justin to begin his search for a car at age 18, it had to be a Honda, what else is there. With some money in his pockets, a father's guidance, and an inherited love for the Honda name plate, Justin's CRX journey was under way.

Justin entered the world of CRX mania with a 1987 CRX HF purchased in 1999. Bought for a reasonable price in very well maintianed condition, the car boasted a robust 58hp, Blade Silver Metallic over Charcoal Granite Metallic paint, and complemented by the ever so striking red mid body stripe. Once handed the keys to this little dynamo, Justin immediately fell in love with the car's nimble handling and unique styling. Alas, the little HF was not meant for this world for very long however, as an overheated engine, coupled with some severe vandalism at his parents condominium complex late one night, the decision was made to sell the car for scrap. For those of you thinking "How Could You???" yes, Justin is well aware now how many rare parts made their way to the crusher. For Justin's sake, we won't tell anyone over at redpeppercacing.com.

More than a year passed before Justin could replace the tragic loss of his 87 HF, and again found himself staring at another great deal on a clean Flint Black 1991 CRX Si. Justin was again back in the CRX fold and the love affair in full swing, as if they never parted. The Si was a complete departure from the 87 HF, with the difference being immediately felt in the engine compartment, which no doubt ignited the notion that these cars are more than daily drivers with great gas mileage and sporty looks, but can actually perform quite well, and so the performance seed was planted unbeknownst to him at the time. But again this car was also not to be, as a drunk driver totalled the 91 Si in a head on collision. Justin was fortunately unharmed, but left again heart broken having to send another CRX to the bone yard. Little did he know how long it would be before this one would be replaced.

Fast forward a total of nine years without a CRX, Justin found himself with that itch once again, and set out to finally replace the previous CRX, now just a faded memory. Could this search bring to him yet another well kept CRX, and would he be able to enjoy it for more than year? All speculation until a suitable replacement could be found. Fortunately, He didn't have to look far, as a co-worker's sister just happened to have a 1990 Flint Black CRX Si for sale. As close to home as this find seemed to be, there was one tiny detail overlooked, the car was located in Florida. After numerous phone calls, e-mails containing dozens of pictures, text messages, carrier pigeons, and the occassional smoke signal exchange, the decision was made to buy it, so with a freshly printed plane ticket in hand, Justin set out to florida to retrieve his 3rd CRX in just under a decade

" This car would be different......"

After landing in Florida, Justin found that the 1990 Flint Black Si wasn't quite in the condition as previously described (not enough pictures and communication me thinks), but as he put it "Hey, I was back in the driver's seat". This car would be different, with nine years and a 10 hour drive back home to think about what this car should be, Justin had come up with the perfect image of what a CRX should be to him, and what it should look like. Like his previous searches in the past, he came across some very rare parts in excellent condition. Thing like an OEM ZC hood, an EDM 1.6I rear spoiler, and a well kept B18B1 motor. With a little guidance from our good friends at Wicked Innovation, Justin began sourcing all the parts necessary to make the motor swap a reality. As it turned out however, Justin was not going to leave this car out in the elements, and at the time this was happening, he was a renter. The decision was made (sadly) that these rare items must go, and the swap shelved for now in order to fund the purchase of a home where the CRX could be kept protected from vandals and drunks.

While a strong case could be made that she's a good looking CRX as she sits now, Justin's unfinished plans will provide that unique EDM look he is envisioning to really make her stand out.

1990 CRX Si

  • Fast Facts:
    • Owner: Justin Weiskopf (AKA justinw)
    • Location: Wilmington, NC
    • Previous car: 1987 CRX HF
    • Hobbies: Autos, music/guitar, fish tanks, scuba diving
    • Wrenching since: 1998
    • Inspired by: krix

  • Details & Mods
    • Flint Black Metallic - NH-526M
    • Stock D16A6 SOHC Motor
    • 15x7 Kosie K1 wheels wrapped in 205/50R15 Falken Ziex912 rubber
    • Hawk HPS pads (front)
    • Brembo blanks (front)
    • Stainless steel lines all the way around
    • Wicked Innovation spherical shift linkage
    • ZC Hood & EDM Wing

  • Future Plans
    • Motor swap