Flyin Ryan...

Imagine yourself standing on a street corner and you hear that unmistakable growl of a "particular" Honda powerplant..=)

Oh lets just say to top it off it's a sweet charcol grey CRX with a K swap!...hell who could resist?! Lets just start by saying that this month's feature owner is no ordinary Honda owner.To say that Ryan is particular is an understatement.he is meticulous to say the very least and he has to be....Why? Ever heard of and I'm sure that most of you have.Yep this month's feature car is a kind of show piece for Ryan's work.

Ryan told the staff here that he started with a nice black GSR powered CRX that he loved to daily drive as well as roadrace.As bad luck would have it Ryan's 1st crx met it's demise after a SoCal crxpo a few years ago..=(

After nursing the loss of his crx Ryan decided to do what most college type guys in Cali do right? Yup you guessed it,they move to Thailand and take a college course! lol =) ..shortly after finishing the course Ryan found a nice clean white CRX listed on craigslist and quote "The seller was trying to get rid of it for a week or so at that price, so I decided email the owner and see if he could hold it for me. He did, and I ended up picking it up only minutes after I got off my 24 hour flight/layover." You baller Ryan...=P

Not long after picking up this gem Ryan decided that he would showcase his work with a K swapped CRX,and thats just what he did. Feast your hondaphile eyes on this gem people...Oh did we mention that this car was the February cover car for Honda Tuning?....true and we can see why...Ryan also informed us that this car wasn't built for the quarter,Noooo.This is a genuine roadcourse car plain and simple.....and we like.

rock on wire man...rock on.

411 (89 crx dx(250whp/dyno)):

  • Exterior
    • ef8 front end conversion
    • jdmshit front lip
    • ef8 tails
    • oem ef8 pewter grey metallic paint
    • mugen rnr wheels
    • ventus rs2 tires / falken azenes

  • Engine
    • dc5-r engine swap
    • ips K2 cams
    • eibach valvetrain
    • hasport mounts
    • k&n intake
    • dtr header
    • greddy exhaust
    • 6 an pluming fuel lines
    • Golden eagle fuel rail
    • inline summit filter
    • aem fuel regulator/ gauge
    • 440 cc rc injectors
    • aem pulley for 3 pulley setup
    • wire tuck
    • milspec race harness w/ cannon quick release
    • eg modded aluminum radiator
    • samco hoses
    • dss stage 3 axles
    • tein hood dampers
    • Kpro fuel management
    • Hondata intake mani gasket

  • Suspension / Brake
    • goodridge lines
    • fastbrakes 11" kit front and rear
    • arp ext. studs front and rear
    • brake line tuck with prop valve behind firewall
    • 4040 teggy prop valve
    • da teggy master cyl and booster
    • fullrace front xmember
    • hardened hubs
    • explicit speed rear tie bar
    • illumina shocks
    • eibach springs
    • all new urethane bushings
    • ate brake fluid

  • Interior
    • karcepts shifter kit
    • 6spd dc5 shift knob
    • 88 si door panels/ 90-91 si interior
    • s200 gauge panel
    • Personal nardi steering wheel (black suede)
    • nrg detach
    • sony cd player
    • Bride zeta 3 drivers seat
    • Takata harnesses for dr/pass
    • autopower roll bar
    • heel toe mini battery
    • oem armrest (black suede)