Tis the season indeed for a exceptionally clean Rio Red 1990 Si with a paint finish as smooth as butter and some sweet suspension items that make this red holiday special a real delight to drive. Owned by none other than CRXFisher (Tom), the founder of this very CRX Community site.

The story of Tom and the Honda CRX started out with an 88 DX (automatic) that he received right out of high school in 1996 as a graduation present from his parents. He drove that CRX for about 4 years before changing to a 95 Civic EX Coupe with power everything, VTEC, and A/C. At first Tom believed he was upgrading to a better car, but like all drivers with the CRX soul, after a year he was missing his CRX deeply. So he began a search for the perfect CRX, and decided it had to be the Si model this time.

Knowing that the perfect rex was out there for him,Tom remained patient. He just had to find it. His quest took about two years of intense searching, when he finally found his Si on the internet. It was being advertised in a local newspaper ad from across the country. .

One Friday as he was about to leave work, he decided to check the website again. "And there it was"...the perfect one, newly listed from a small town in upstate New York. It read: "1990 CRX SI, Rio Red, all stock, with 39,000 original miles." Tom couldn't believe it, a cherry example of exactly what he had dreamed of with such low mileage?!! He thought the mileage number was a typo for sure, but crossed his fingers and called the phone number anyway.

When he made the call, it turned out the car was owned by an older couple. In talking with the owner, he totally confused the man on the other end of the line. He didn't understand how someone from Atlanta was calling him about an ad that he had JUST put in the local town newspaper the day before! Thankfully Tom was the first person to call. He told him that he would be up to New York the next day to buy the car from the man. He thought Tom was insane,and so did the man's wife! The man's wife called Tom back about 10 minutes later and made sure he knew that the car was a 1990 model. During a nice conversation with her, Tom explained his love for the CRX and that he was determined to buy this example.

So Tom convinced his wife to leave with him that night to go on a weekend road trip. During the 14-hour trip, the New York owner of the CRX got about 50 phone calls with people offering him much more than he was asking for it. Thankfully he was a man of integrity and upheld his promise to sell it to Tom. When Tom and his wife drove up and saw it parked there, he just started giggling like a little girl! The car was amazing! It looked like it had barely been driven. The seats were perfect. No rips, tears, or even rub marks. The original paint looked brand new. The shift knob had the original texturing on it that Tom had never seen before. The whole thing looked literally brand new. The owner gave Tom the history of the car, and said that it had been garaged it's whole life, and had almost never been out in the rain!

Truely a CRX lover's fantasy.

So he drove it home, smiling the whole way. =) He could have easily turned around and sold the car for thousands more than he bought it for at the time. But he had never seen a CRX that looked this new...ever. He had to keep it for himself. It's been his daily driver ever since, and garage kept always. Putting miles on it has been a struggle for him, he loves to drive it, but hates to see the miles rack up. Right now as it sits, the car is about to turn 103k miles.

Tom has driven the Si to two Niagara meets and attended the Florida meet this month. Eariler this year, Tom took the car to Icon in Florida to have some modifications done to his fine automobile. He drove from Atlanta to Orlando to have the work performed and see the work for himself. At that time several fresh OEM parts as well as some aftermarket upgrades were done. This included: a set of KYB AGX shocks, Ground Control Coilovers, an Energy Suspension Bushing Kit, New OEM Rear Trailing Arm Bushings, Ingalls Balljoint Camber Kit, New Lower Balljoints, New Tie Rod Balljoints, and New Wheel Bearings.

One happy CRX, and one happy CRX owner. Don't forget to put a nice CRX on your wishlist this holiday season!


AEM Cold Air Intake

DC Sports 4-2-1 Ceramic Header

DC Sports Cat-Back Exhaust with Custom Dual-tip

DC Sports Front Upper Strut Bar

Ground Control Coilovers

KYB AGX Adjustable Shocks

ES Poly Bushings and Ingalls Balljoint Camber Kit



Merry Christmas from the CRX Featured Team
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Content / Pictures Edited by Ragnaarok - Original Story by CRXFisher