Guilty by association.

Marjolein started her car-reer from the sidelines. As the girlfriend of one of our previous feature members, she grew tired of sitting at home while "the boys" were out playing with their toys. So she decided to get something to play with for herself.

This CRX started life as an original Dutch Honda CRX 1.6i-16v-VT. This means that all the sought after EDM parts were already present from factory.

Power windows, power mirrors, leather upholstery, backseat, VT rear spoiler, power adjustable headlights, and of course, B16A1 powerplant to hurl this petite girl around with breakneck speeds from time to time.

And trust me when I say this girl knows which one the "loud pedal" is.

When she got the car, it even had all the Dutch service and user mauals with it. Unfortunately it also came with a big spoiler, ghastly wheels and lots of tacky stuff bolted to it.

After some much needed TLC, a new hatch and a fair stack of maintenance parts, it was time to come outside and play.

The first priority was installing the Koni yellow with 8K/10K koni springs. A set of Sparco strut braces stop the car from staggering about, and brand new Brembo brakes were installed at all 4's. She found out the hard way that leather seats can get a little on the :hot side", so those had to make way for some CRX-16V seats in favor of the original VT ones. But it turns out she has had her eye on some DC2 seats for some time now.

A wish list is already forming...and parts are already acumulating.

On the very top of the list for early next year, is a full body respray in the original Celestial Blue Pearl. Exclusive only to the Netherlands.

Brand new wheel arches, door sills and rocker panels are still available in Europe.

At the N11 meet, Ollie was naieve enough to let her have a go at his turboed CRX. Ever since that day, she has bad, bad plans for the little blue car.

Not your typical girl, she has evolved into a fair mechanic that can hold her own when it comes to cars. She doesn't only talk the talk, she also walks the walk.

She tries to do most of the work on her car herself, only needing assistance when it comes to the "manly" tasks of stuck nuts and bolts. Don't even try to dismiss her as only a girl. She probably knows more about cars than most of the guys here. some male members found out at the N11 meet, where she -just- lost the furthest drive award to Bas and Mark, because she currently resides in Canada instead of Europe.

Some strings were pulled, and favors cashed in to make this feature Marjolein's surprise Christmas present for this year. And especially for this feature, EK sedan sideskirts were modified to fit, and bolted on. Another Christmas present.

So, surprise!

Merry Christmas everybody! Take care, and we'll see you for another rexin' year!

411 (CRX 1.6i-16v-VT):

  • Interior
    • 1991 CRX 16V seats
    • EDM VT cluster
    • Sparco leather steering wheel
    • EDM Backseat
    • Power mirrors
    • Power windows
    • Leather upholstery/vinyl dash

  • Exterior
    • Power adjustable H4 VT headlights
    • EDM VT rear spoiler
    • 16" Rota C8 gunmetal/Pirelli P9000 (Daily)
    • 15" Kosei/Kumho KW17 (Winter)
    • 15" Honda Civic VTi EG6 wheels/Toyo Proxes T1-S (Fun)
    • Civic EK Sedan sideskirts

  • Mechanical
    • B16A1 from factori
    • Simota air intake with velocity stack and K&N filter
    • DCSports 4-2-1 OBD0 header
    • Stainless de-cat.
    • 2.25" stainless catback exhaust
    • 2.25" Honda aftermarket muffler with Honda stamped tip.
    • Koni Yellow dampers
    • Koni 8K/10K springs, 2.5" drop.
    • Brembo Maxx slotted discs on all 4 wheels
    • Ferodo DS2500 pads
    • Exedy organic clutch
    • Sparco strut braces