December 2010 Featured CRX


From the very beginning, spastik's CRX had a mysterious and mischievous history, from being abandoned, unloved and left for dead, to finding new and creative ways of getting hit in the rear, and Brian swears the latter was not his doing.  This car has evolved since falling into hiss hands, beginning with dent removal, to primer, then on to several different iterations of wheel options, to several trips to the shop for rear end repair, then finally on to what everyone who knows her now as; just call her SUKi!

As a young boy at the ripe age of 5, Brian's story begins humbly as the passenger of his Dad's sweet 1986 black Si, where they spent countless weekends driving around their town.  Little did he know what effect the CRX can have on an impressionable young kid, and like most of us now, the seed was planted, CRX's were now in his future.

After getting the call from his Dad letting him know of the abandoned CRX left at a friends house near Baker City Oregon, Brain makes the trip to buy the car from his Dad after he obtained the car legally , and makes the trip home with a friend where the the car immediately under-whelms his then girlfriend.  After suffering through "The Talk" spastik takes the car home with an empty passenger seat, but a head full of ideas.  First order of business:  straighten the body, and drop it to mud flap scraping depths.  

The car spends much longer than planned in primer to the tune of a year, where it gets the nickname "Peanut Butter Jelly Time".  But this car was destined for a greater fate, and once the paint began to fly, it was clear to see this was no ordinary red CRX, and SUKi's transformation was in full swing.  Within a month of getting it painted, the mischief-ridden car found its way in front of a dump truck, where the driver took it upon himself to shove the rear bumper a bit closer to Brian's storage box (Thanks Easter Bunny!!  Bawk, Bawk!)  After suffering through this episode, the car again endured another rear-ending, this time from a roommate's sister.  After another round of body repairs, attention was then directed at the car's stance.

To look at the car from the side in photos does not do it justice on how low it sits.  Utilizing a set of Koni shocks wrapped by a fresh set of ground Control coil-overs, this car is done right.   Adding to the stance are the Maxxim Screech wheels with a fresh from scratch set of Yokohama S-Type tires.  Stopping power is provided by an Integra brake swap on all four corners.

With the car looking fresh, sitting low, and able to stop hard enough to pull fillings, attention was then turned to the engine bay, where an HmotorsOnline B16 motor swap replaced the tired D16A6, and topped off with a clean wire tuck.  Now the car had the performance to go it's looks, and is a fine example of how much can be done to a car without taking away from it's original style.   

Future plans for the car are a front lip, possibly some BBS RS wheels, and a tighter wire tuck.  Not many would argue that whatever spastik attempts on Suki, there will no doubt be some amazing pictures taken!

SUKi -1988 CRX Si - Rio Red

  • Fast Facts:
    • Owner: Brian (AKA spastik)
    • Location: Boise Idaho
    • Place of Birth: Phoenix Arizona
    • Occupation: Director of Technology
    • Hobbies: Wiring cars, chipping ECUs, DJ, internet nerd
    • Wrenching since: 2005
    • Inspired by: CRXWolf

  • Exterior
    • Rio Red Paint, OEM Paint Scheme
    • EDM Rear Wing
    • EDM Tails Lights with rear Fog Light

  • Suspension & Brakes
    • Lowered on Koni shocks and Ground Control Springs
    • Integra Front and Rear Disk Brakes