1991 CRX HF
A mere $750?!

This shell was destined for great things. Looks great from afar, right? PPGs Harloquin paint, 2000 Si rims, and a Wings West body kit!

Only minor interior work needed...

... and an engine! Only the perfect excuse for a B16 swap.

Only 2 days after purchase this car was in Robert Reese's garage under the knife. The owner of RCautoworks couldn't be more excited to get to work on this new project. First things first, he ripped the engine out of his daily driver, and hours later it was in the new car and everything was coming together nicely.

Unfortunately,as you can see the previous owners were not kind to the interior. They installed some sort of shag carpet covering on the dash, and it needed alot of love. Robert tore it all out and installed a new dash.

He then redid the exhaust to perfectly match the bodykit.

Shaved door handles with poppers compliment the smooth lines and amazing paint job on this CRX. The day Robert went to pick it up the windows were rolled up.With no way of getting in, he had to take a long metal pole and open the door lock through the AC slot in the firewall! How's that for determination?Laughing

The car is a beautiful example of a custom CRX owned by an important figure in the world of CRX's and fabrication.

Sadly Robert decided to sell her not even a week ago. He doesn't have the time to spend with her that she needs, and has decided to pass her on to a new owner.

For the time that he has owned her, he has had nothing but compliments on the car, and the color changing paint is a favorite for many!


1990 crx hf
wings west molded body kit
shaved handles
2000 si rims

jdm b16 with s1 transmission
act stage 2 clutch
aem cold air intake
dc 4-1 header

ground control coil overs

Front integra brakes