A Family Affair—Paul Todoroff’s Family CRX
Mickey Todoroff bought this car at Darryl Waltrip Honda in Franklin Tn brand new in 1991, loving it dearly driving it all over North America in it's first 10 years of life, and proceeded to methodically wear it out like an old pair of Chuck Taylors.  In 2001, thinking the oil light was blinking because it was shorting out, he finally threw a rod right through the side of the D16A6 block.  After one really bad D15 replacement, he gave up on the the car and passed it on to his son.

  About the Owner:
Paul entered the CRX game late in life for most people, he was just a simple back yard gardener with a golf green, nice landscaping, vegetables growing in well cultivated rows, and easy listening music from the 70s like Gordon Light Foot playing on his Cassette tape deck.  Paul could be described as a happy go lucky individual who couldn't be further from an automotive enthusiast.  Being a scratch golfer, a billiards shark, and a Hockey enthusiast, Paul was more suited to enjoying a weekend filled with a rousing game of billiards, catching a Leafs or Sabres game on TV, or hitting the links for a friendly game of "Best Ball"  There wasn't a hint of love towards the Rio Red 1991 CRX Si that was dumped upon his door step back in 2002 other than getting the thing to stop bleeding in his clean driveway.  Paul was intent on getting just what was needed fixed so he could use the car to save on rising gas costs.  He had no idea how much this little red demon would change his life forever.
About the Car:  
When Paul first got the CRX from his Dad in 2002, it needed a lot of attention, brake calipers all around, a new clutch, a new motor, new axles, new upper and lower ball joints, inner and outer tie rods, catalytic converter, muffler, seats recovered, glove box, hood latch, drivers side window re-seated into the track, sunroof motor, antenna(broken off) tires, and a radiator.  Oh YES, and a Radio too.  Other than that the car was fine, well, except for the paint, it's literally faded pink now, but a fresh paint job is in the works.  The car was a total mess, but being a family car, and never wrecked its whole life, well, except the natural disaster which we refer to as his Dad's care of the car, I convinced him to keep it, and I'd help him whenever I could.  At the time Paul didn't know the addictive nature and hypnotic power the CRX can have over one's mortal soul(My 4 CRXs didn't clue him in), but over time Paul's love for the little red rolling money pit began to turn this unsuspecting suburbanite into a full fledged CRX'ophile.  Little by little with my help, and a vast stash of CRX parts I have kept over the years, the little 91 slowly began showing signs of it's former glory, one part at a time, a fresh low mile D15 from a 95 Del Sol, new clutch, all new suspension components, radiator, and every other mechanical part that had previously failed, the car had begun to feel, drive, and oddly enough smell like it did when it was new.  Even though the body still shows the scars left behind from his Dad's prior loving ownership, the car undoubtedly the most mecahically sound and reliable CRX in the area.



A slow progression over the last 7 years, Paul has grown to love the car, even becoming a full fledged CRX fanatic, who now can't wait for the next Niagara CRX meet, or a weekend CRX convoy, or just to come over to help me wrench on the next crazy thing I have cooked up in my garage.  No longer tending to his flowers, vegetables, or hosing off his well kept driveway, or even grooming the tightly cut golf green in his yard, Paul's mind races with ideas for improving the Rio Red CRX, and keeping it in great condition so he may proudly display the updates at the next big event.  With the golf green now gone, weeds now filling the Gardens, and a Metallica CD collection in his glove box, Paul can now be found tinkering on his newest CRX, a 1987 CRX Dx that needs a little tune up, and maybe a wax.  As the old saying goes "Unless you own one, you'll never understand"
Specs - 1991 CRX Si
· Original Rio Red
· 235k Miles
· Mostly Stock
· Drag(DR) Rims
· Leather Style Seat Covers
· Blaupunkt Stereo CD Player