First of all Happy 2007 all you CRX nuts out there!

We thought we would start out the new year with a low mileage example of CRX'ness.

Why "The learning curve" you might ask?

Read on my crx-phile, and you shall see. What we have here is a true example of learning OTJ or on the job.

Tom(downest) wrote the team and told us that his obsession began at the young age of 11.

Tom told us :
When I was 11 (1995) and met my stepfather, he drove a stock black 1990 CRX Si. I loved that car, it was the first time I really began to take interest in cars. In 1997 he traded the CRX in for a Civic EX coupe, something with more seating room, more tame, more boring. I resented him for letting that gem of a CRX go (until he later bought a 2000 Si, then there was partial forgiveness). I could never afford a car myself, so I borrowed them, and I had a motorcycle until May 2005. I decided it was time to get a car, and of course the CRX was on my list. But of course, as anyone who's looked for a CRX Si in New England knows, it's near impossible to find one, let alone a clean one. I found a Black 1990 Si with 220k on the clock in the next town, and I ended up deciding on it that day.

As with all used cars this one needed work....ahem ALOT of work! Here's where the learning part comes in.

Tom said :
After paying for it, I went to pick it up, and the main relay was bad. At that time I was ignorant as a mechanic, and went through a multitude of things throughout the next two weeks trying to fix the problem. In the first month I replaced coolant hoses, belts, the alternator, little things here and there, and dealt with bad bushings, leaky master cylinder, water leaks... all the usual bad stuff happened to me. I still loved every minute of driving that car, it was quick, fun, and of course I had waited so long for a CRX that I didn't care about the problems.

Not the usual response to a problem ladened car owner,but we ARE talking about a CRX here! Tom's CRX being the teacher that it was taught him another lesson on a 150 mile road trip.His CRX busted a coolant line and then killed it's headgasket.A tow truck towed her to a local repair shop and received the final prognosis-DOA.Not to be deterred Tom towed her home and parked it.He spent all summer reading and learning all he could about engine repair and rebuilding.Five weeks passed and Tom rebuilt the engine with the help of his resources replacing anything that looked worn or damaged. Tom was content with his CRX's new heart,but the body was something to be desired. In the spring, he began making plans to buy a clean 91 Si from a friend. He drove his car till next summer when he purchased his friend's CRX.

During an autocross in the spring, the rebuilt D16A6 puked a rod and was down.Ok now lets learn about honda swaps shall we? Tom now learning with the help of local mattminer started a swap process on his CRX.

With Matt's help Tom built a high compression mini-me(A6/Y8 ). Now 2 months later after wringing out all the bugs he got his car roadworthy again.Once again this "lil" teacher showed its fangs and forced Tom to learn about Tuning.Working with a wideband and Ostrich tuning they finally worked out the kinks and got her purring again.Tom has since sold this car to a good friend that has promised to fix up the (Tom's words here) "Devil Car". Laughing

Welcome now CRX #2-A clean 91 Si with 75K on her odometer.He says despite the car being a NY native she's suprisingly clean.This black charmer is said to still have the texture to the steering wheel and shifter.This is now Tom's DD/autocross baby and he says that he'll keep her that way.

Tom told us :
This CRX is clean, and has low miles. I don't see myself getting rid of it any time soon. I want to get the motor running right, maybe build the bottom end up a little bit. I'll take care of a few scratches and get some fresh OEM paint on it. I want a good daily driver and competitive autocross car. I don't mind the stiff ride. One reason I love the CRX is the visceral ride, and this one is one of the best in that sense. You cannot drive this car when you're tired, and it can be hard to even talk to a passenger, it's a fully engaging driving experience. I have driven lots of other cars, "nicer" and "worse", but nothing compares to a CRX for me.

Works for us Tom.


Power :
A6/Y8 mini-me
Crower Stage 2 NA cam
ARP hardware
JE rings
AEM EM1 Cold air intake
AEM Tru-Time Cam gear
DC Sports 4-2-1 ceramic header
Custom 2.5" TIG'd mandrel bent exhaust
D16Z6 intake manifold
Jackson Racing plug wires

Engine management :
OBD1 comversion, all wiring done with OEM plugs etc by me
P72, chipped and Cromed out, tuned my Matt Miner
Innovate LC-1 Wideband
Odyssey PC680 located in Cargo Box

Suspension :
Koni Yellows
Ground Control Custom rates (650R 550F)
Energy Suspension polyurethane bushings throughout car
Energy Suspension poly motor mounts
SPC Camber-Correcting LCAs

Grip :
Civic HX wheels
Near-new OEM calipers and lines
EBC Green Stuff Pads
Powerslot rotors
Falken Azenis RT-615 195-60-R14

Custom goodies :
VIS ZC Carbon Fibre Hood
NRG Quick Release Hub
Old school 300mm MOMO Monte Carlo steering wheel (first-gen Civic/CVCC wheel!)
Full Wire Tuck
Factory Radio Delete Plate
Alpine Amp with Creative Zen XTra
Escort X50
VTEC sticker (+50whp)