From Dream to Reality

What an honor it is to be writing this article right now. Welcome to the first installment of the Featured CRX. This will be the first of hopefully a long tradition of Featured CRX's.

Our first submission hails from the great state of New York. This beautiful 1989 CRX Dx belongs to none other than our own xJamesx. James told us that his CRX fascination all started in junior high with his lunchtime ogles at one nice red CRX Si.Thanks to that CRX owner a new one was infected. *Wink!*

After researching and looking at all the clean Honda's for a few years James managed to pick up his first car, a respectively low mileage (89,000 M) 1989 Rio red CRX Si. It didnít take him long before he started modding this car. It is believed this happened soon after reaching his home! LOL As misfortune would have it James didn't have this car long. Only after 4 months he was T-boned by a crazed soccer mom in a Toyota SUV! Sadly enough the insurance company decided to write-off James's 'Rex. Sad ...The 'Rex wasnít worth fixing, and he drove the damaged car for a while until she gave up and puked a rod. It was at this time that he came across a deal on a motor, but not just ANY motor, James found a read deal B18C5! Funny part is that he was minus a car! Smile) now all he needed was a decent shell......hmm. Finding no luck in his search James sold the C5 and picked up a black 1991 CRX Si with a B16 swap for the paltry sum of $1500.

He fixed this one up and drove her around until he found a deal on a black 1990 CRX with a ZC swap (theft recovery).

James parted this vehicle out and continued to enjoy his 91. James stated that he just drove his crx around for the sheer pleasure of driving it. However, his quest for the perfect DD wasn't over . A few years later he found a shell that represented the perfect donor for his dream. James purchased this new addition, our featured car(the 89 DX). Keep in mind this car certainly didnít start out this way! James put ALOT of hours into this car to get it just right. Props go out to him for putting a dream into a reality through blood, sweat , tears, and hours of hard labor. I'm sure we all can say this is a fine vehicle to be the first Featured CRX!

As you can see the start to finish project turned out very well and xJamesx has something to be very proud of!

1989 CRX STD (DX)
Mileage: 182,xxx on chassis.

Sage Brush pearl paint
SiR/VT front
SiR Vtec taillights
Power folding mirrors
15" Rota GT3's
1.6i-16v spoiler

1989 CRX STD (DX)
Mileage: 182,xxx on chassis.

Sage Brush pearl paint
SiR/VT front
SiR Vtec taillights
Power folding mirrors
15" Rota GT3's
1.6i-16v spoiler

LHD power windows
Re-covered door panels
Re-covered gray interior with black cloth
Momo tuner wheel
99-00 Civic Si cluster

Complete Urethane bushings
New rear trailing arm bushings
New UCA's
New lower ball joints
New inner and outer tie rods
New wheel bearings
Rear disc brake swap
Neuspeed strut bar
Neuspeed sport springs 2"/1.8" drop
Tokico blues
JimFab front Cross Member
DriveShatfShop stage 1 axles

Reman front and rear calipers
Brembo blanks all around
Hawk metal master pads all around
Goodridge stainless lines
New M/C
40/40 prop valve
New E-brake cables
Dot 3 fluid

B16 swap
YS1 LSD tranny
Type R cams
Skunk 2 gears
Type R 4-1 header 2.5"
Kteller 2.5" cat back exhaust

2.5" high flow CAT
Injen CAI
K&N filter