Canadian red...

It never ceases to amaze me how fast the months seem to cruise by.The summer months seem to never get here soon enough and seem to be over way to fast.

This beautiful red gem is a summer car only I'm sure.On a nice summer day in Toronto you may be blessed enough to catch our member rob motoring down the road,and at a quick pace I'll bet. rob submitted his sweet ride and I'll try and do her justice. rob started his "H" addiction back in the day with the awesome EF platform.Having now owned 5 crx's he tells us that he's a sucker for the EF...yeah yeah we know...

rob's latest and most current rides are guessed it EF's..His daily duty car is a white 90 Si hatchy that pulls winter duty as well.

Now on to our feature eh?..rob's baby is a sparkling clean 90 red Si that he purchased back in the summer of 06'.He also told us that he will be the 3rd owner of this clean ride.Also rob being a stock Nazi he is a terrible connoisseur for the uberclean crx parts...shall we mention that this guy picked up a set of stock NIB floormats for a mere $50?!....Nahh we like him anyway..So there you have it a uberclean Rio red CRX Si owned by a hondaphile who loves his rides...


  • Powertrain
    • Stock d16a6 230,000 kms burns no oil !!!!
    • Crane ignition system, with MSD Coil + Cap
    • Magnecor wires
    • K&N panel filter
    • DC Sport 4-2-1 headers (wrapped)
    • Supersprint muffler with twin round chrome tips (2.25" piping)
    • Short shifter
    • Exedy stage 2 clutch,lightened flywheel

  • Interior/stereo
    • 320mm Momo Monte Carlo wheel (1" aluminum spacer on hub)
    • Sparco Pedals
    • Stock OEM Honda shift knob
    • NEW OEM CRX Floor mats ! (Show only)
    • Rear JDM bass tubes in factory speaker location with JBL 5.25" Coaxials
    • Alpine 4 channel amp
    • Alpine 7893 cd player
    • Boston Acoutics 6.5" components up front

  • Suspension
    • PIC Performance select coilovers (spring rates 12k front & 14k rear)
    • Neuspeed rear sway Bar
    • Neuspeed rear tie bar
    • Neuspeed front strut bar
    • Neuspeed front sway bar

  • Exterior
    • Original rio red paint
    • 16x7 Speedy Racemode Wheels
    • 205-40 16 Falken Azenis rt615 tires
    • Teknotik gunmetal lightweight lug nuts
    • Stainless steel brake lines
    • 15/16th 89 Prelude master cylinder
    • Brembo front x-drilled rotors, with brembo blanks in the rear, zinc coated
    • Hawk HP+ pads all around
    • New OEM Honda calipers all around
    • Various mouldings + trim pieces replaced new