1986 CRX DX

Well CRX fans we are back with another installment for your addiction....

This month we are pleased to tell you we featured a "OG" ride.Ok maybe not "OG",but its definatly old school!

This clean looking and svelt 86' 1G DX belongs to our very own Danielle.She tells us that this was even her very first car.

Danielle told us that she spied this clean little 1G at a local car lot and "just had to have it".After plunking down her hard earned cash she drove her baby home.Now Danee said that this car didn't come without its fair share of concerns as well.She told us that ....

Quote :
I didnt even know what I was getting myself into actually...ended up needeing all the brake shoes and brake pads changed, in the time that I have had her, I dont know what HASNT changed on it.

Aside from the repairs that Danee has done to this car she also had the time/funds to do a little custom work as well.What custom work you ask?

Well how about a full custom interior to match her style.Yup you guessed it PINK,and why not Danee is our first female inductee! Congrats Danielle!

Now one other thing also popped out at me in her letter...You have to see this to understand the sickness we all deal with.

She said "Overall getting most of the repairs done at honda, this car has cost me over $13,000. All worth it of course as I wouldnt sell it for the world! " No wonder non-crx lovers think we are crazy! Laughing

Oh hey did we mention she also drives a completely PINK 2G?! Hmmmm I'm seeing a pattern/sickness here. Laughing

Nice work keeping these CRX's clean and alive Danee.Oh and thanks for sharing..


-Band New Mugen Braking System

-Shift Knob

-Custom Pink Boot

-New Valve Cover + Gasket

-Custom Seats

-Custom Painted Interior(Pink & Black)

-Windshield Wiper Connecting Bars


-3 Piece Magnaflow Full Chrome Performance Exhaust System

-Rad and System

-Custom Interior Flooring In The Hatchie.... DONE BY ME

-New Transmission

-New Clutch

-Distributor & Cap

-9004 12v HID's

-Custom visors

-Passenger Tailight assembly

-Passenger headlight assembly(didnt have proper one in there when I bought the car)

-Hood Release

-Gas Powered Dampers! (Finally)

-Spark Plug Connections & Spark Plugs

-Goodyear Winter Tires

-transmission Flush

-Oil Change & Flush