Keelon's Findings: A clean 88 HF
Found on the side of the road under a tree with a for sale sign on it, $100.00 later unearthed it to be a one owner car with a bit of title trouble, Keelon's efforts turned initially towards locating the Original owner who just happened to do Mission work in India.  It was a car who's current owner had botched the title, giving this little gem a bit of an identity crisis.  Once located, the original owner assisted in getting the paperwork in order, and the resurrection was under way.

About the Owner:
Known on the CRX Community board as nurberSTIG, Keelon has plans to keep the car in top condition, where in the future it can be passed on down to his son.  Future plans for the car include a bigger power plant, and better, more composed suspension while maintaining the original appearance of the car.
Random Facts:  
Total Time invested:  2 1/2 Years

Favorite Car Movie: CannonBall Run

Favorite Car Song: Fuel (Metallica)

Zip Tie or Duct Tape:  Zip Tie

What would you give up to buy parts: PS3

Best auto invention:  Turbo Charger

Hobbies:  Drums, Karate, PS3, Metallica, Hondas, My Son

Would never Buy:  A New Car

Favorite Time of Day:  Sunrise

Wrenching Since:  2006



Specs - 1988 CRX HF
· NH-512 Polar White
· Stock Blue Interior
· Mostly Stock
· 88-89 CRX Si Rims
· SOHC ZC Motor
· Cold Air Intake