Heheheheheheh ITS ALIIIIIVEE!!.....oh wait wrong story..anyhow welcome back rexaholics to another installment of CRX goodness.

For this month the team is pleased to introduce "Chemik" who started his addiction back in high school.Chemik started with a red 89 Si that he purchased back in 01'.This car lasted a little while before he got the Mod bug.Seeing that the standard A6 wasn't enough power he sold his car and purchased a swapped black B16 89 Si.Chemik stated that this car was fun and lasted a short while till this car met it's demise at the base of a pole.Ouch!

This setback didn't deter Chemik and he battled it out with the Insurance company.He ended up buying the car back and getting a decent settlement check to find another car.Chemik's next project was,yup you guessed it another 89 Si! I'm seeing a trend here guys.(lol)Now this car was setup with a LS/VTEC.At this point Chemik wanted to lose the heavy Si shell and trade even up for a spartan 90 HF shell,and thats exactly what he did!

As with his other swaps this one went up for sale so he could save up for a boosted engine.

Fast forward to 06' now having saved and dealed Chemik picked up a custom turbo setup on a B18b.Needless to say this car fit his liking just fine and he kept this one and updated almost the entire car.Now to the present we see what we have here is a super duper clean EDM "styled" 90' CRX HF.Oh did I forget to mention It boasts 263whp/226ftlbs at 12 psi?! Ahh Boost is nice!

I think we can all agree Chemik definatly has a nice setup and clean ride.

Go mad scientist Go!.........


  • Engine
    • 1999 B18b Motor
    • 1993 GSR Cable Transmission polished
    • Place Racing Mounts
    • ACT clutch
    • Obd1 P75 ecu
    • Rywire ECU Jumper Harness
    • Neptune Engine Management 13psi Now
    • GM 3bar map
    • APC 9mm Spark Plug Wires
    • Precision 780cc injectors
    • Walbro255 fuel pump
    • STR polished fuel rail
    • B&M Fuel Pressure Regulator
    • Precision SC34 Turbo
    • Tial Wastegate
    • $10 Ebay boost controller
    • Aluminum EG race radiator
    • 8x3.5x30 intercooler
    • Custom Stainless Steel Dumptube
    • 3" Stainless Steel Downpipe
    • 3" T1 Stainless Steel Exhaust System
    • Stainless Steel/aluminum custom charge piping
    • T Bolt clamps holdin' it down!

  • Interior
    • 91 Crx Si Complete Interior
    • Greddy Electronic Boost Gauge
    • Greddy Full Auto Turbo Timer

  • Suspension
    • ETD traction bar
    • Integra Front Brakes
    • Brembo S/D Rotors
    • 91 Crx Si rear disk brakes
    • Stainless Steel Braided Brake lines
    • KYB AGX shocks
    • DZ coilovers

  • Exterior
    • VIS carbon fiber hood
    • EDM Headlights w/ motors
    • EDM Front bumper
    • EDM Front Lip
    • EDM tailights w/ foglight
    • 8000k HID kit
    • Rota D2 16x7 wheels