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["...the Sarge marches on"]



Dwindling numbers...

We all know

the first generation CRX is losing numbers… FAST! Jeff has one great first gen in his possession, driving it the way it should be driven. He fell in love with the CRX in high school when she just came out. Now, don’t start checking age here! Jeff was hooked when his next door neighbor bought one and decided that one day he would own one of these beauties. In the ‘90s he still remembered his dream and he bought his first CRX; an ’84. Tragedy struck and without the space, time, experience or money to fix it, it seemed the dream was dead. No worries! The Sarge marches on to fulfil his dreams! Perseverance and dedication fueled his desire and made this dream come true in the end.

Thanks grandma!

In May 2006

he bought his second Japanese love, Liz. The CRX is a DX from 1985. He found it in Binghamton, NY where it was not running and in terrible condition. Conditions that should never become a CRX! After paying 800 dollars the CRX was officially his. The restoration could begin... It took over two years to restore his beloved Liz, but the cutting, welding and rust removal all paid off, and the pictures are testament to this. The CRX is named Liz after Jeff ‘s late grandmother. The inherited money paid for the CRX and naming the car after her was a great tribute to grandma. The engine code has EW1 and the vanity plate reads EW1, while his grandmother’s initials are EW. Coincidence? Or maybe not? Grandma is watching contently, we’re sure.

Only like new is good enough

Jeff did most of the

bodywork himself, which included repairing all of the plastic trim pieces on the lower part of the car and shaving the rear wing and antenna. Liz’ colors were restored with a Maaco paint job in original Honda red. Way to keep the car as stock as possible! The only work done by others was some of the bodywork, upholstery and the paint job. Liz was finally finished in September 2008, so the joy of driving would be new and exciting with the nice spring weather coming out. Liz just came out of hibernation after being garaged and covered all these winter months.

["like right out of the showroom"]



You'd think she was new

Proud daddy

She almost ended up here

We have a winner!!!

Liz’s first show

was the Honda Day car show at Atco Speedway, NJ in November. Even though she was entered just for fun, she earned her 2nd place with flying colors. April 19th she earned the same trophy again! Liz is a winner! She has been showing off in three major magazines; Super Street, Honda Tuning and Hemmings Sports and Exotic Cars! Her next show will most likely be one of the CRX Community’s 2009 meets and Liz hopes to show off at the N15 Niagara meet. Jeff‘s love for Liz is strong and it survived all those hours renovating her over the last 28 months. This car will be his great love forever and will never be sold. Under NO circumstance! She is relatively stock, but a blast to drive. Looking at the pictures, we can all see why she turns heads in the streets. Only a few upgrades are planned in the future to improve Liz even more, but it is amazing how it looks like it just came new and shiny, like rolling right out of the showroom.

Nuts and bolts


  • Carb’d EW1 with 40K on the odo
  • Full refurbish with belts, gaskets and pumps
  • Custom fabbed Edelbrock air cleaner
  • New hoses
  • New Radiator
  • New Alternator, starter and battery
  • Hedman header
  • Si oil pan

Body and cosmetics::

  • New front bumper
  • New rear bumper
  • New front lip
  • Honda red Maaco paint
  • Shaved rear deck lid


  • Reupholstered Delsol seats
  • '86/'87 door panels, also reupholstered
  • Window visors reupholstered matching seats
  • New carpet
  • New floor mats
  • Dynamatted interior
  • XM-USB CD head unit
  • SS custom personal trunk lid
  • Personal steering wheel
  • RPR shifter
  • Turned the interior from ugly cream to exquisite black


  • Rear integra brakes
  • Drilled/slotted rotors
  • Si front calipers
  • SS braided brake lines


  • Ground control coil overs
  • Brand new struts
  • Replaced all suspension bushings
  • Restored ’85 Si wheels with 13” Sumitomo’s

20(~ish) questions


Jeff Wieder "Sarge"


Emmaus, Pa


Emmaus, Pa.

Best driving road location (may be track instead)::

River road in west newbury,ma

Paid-for pastime::

Quality Assurance Tech. - Samuel Adams (we confirmed this! -staff)

Money pits::

Real cars and model cars

Worst wrenching injury::

Rusty metal in my eye had to be removed by my eye doctor

Total time in project::

28 months

First car::

8Ford Fiesta (year unknown ~ 1986)

First ticket::

Speeding in Nebraska ~1988

Most recent ticket::

Speeding in Michigan ~1988

Would never buy::


Automotive inspiration::

TMy neighbour Jeff when I was growing up and my grandfather

Best automotive invention since the round wheel::

Synthetic motor oil

Favorite part on the car::

The USB drive in my dash (I don't play CDs anymore).

Game time::


Would give up what, to buy parts::

Eating. (first member willing to starve himself -staff)

How much would you spend on wheels::

$500 (unless they are Mugen)

Best car movie::

Smokey & The Bandit

Best car song::

Hot rod Lincoln

What's on your key chain::

A red pepper carabineer, key to the CRX and a house key

Favorite time of the day::

:00 am, when I get home from work

Most undervalued tool::

My welder, couldn't have done the build without it

Do you get up early to work on your car (includes washing)::

I did for the entire 28 months of the build

Do you understand how a Limited slip diff works::

A what?

Zip-tie or duct tape::


Have you ever roadtripped this car?::

Yes, Michigan to Utah and Pennsylvania to Florida.

What lured you into our CRX realm?::

Always liked them since I first saw one in 1985. Swore I would get one some day. I bought it 5 months after my grandmother Elizabeth (Liz) passed away with inheritance money. Then I found out the engine code was EW (same initials as my grandmother), that's when I decided to name her Liz. Her license plate reads: EW1.

Time to pay dues, and give thanks::

Most of all my wife Debbie for putting up with the smell, noise, mess, swearing, taking away her spot in the garage, money spent and time spent with "other woman". Cousin Dennis, cousin Charlie (RIP), brother-in-law Scott, Mom, Steve, Dad, Sue, and all my friends at redpepperracing.com

After word

The CRX Community thanks our May member, sgtpepper::

Wow, who knew we could be so lucky! Another minty first gen! And this one again is a no holds barred full on restoration project. Jeff drives this beauty all over the country for all of us to see. We suggest you go check Liz out yourself.

We'd also like to thank the wicked dudes over at wickedinnovation in supporting the CRX community features, and volunteering great give aways!