Member colink1’s (aka GumbyCRX) ownership of Hondas began over twenty years ago. He bought his first Honda in 1987, a 1983 Honda Accord 3-door. A year later, he traded that car in for his first CRX, a 1986 CRX DX. He was hooked ever since.

With the introduction of the del Sol model around ’92-93, colink considered the new evolution of the CRX. But after test driving one, thankfully he decided to keep the '86. However, fate stepped in and several weeks later, the car was rear-ended and totaled. Colink immediately bounced back and bought a 1990 CRX Si – in sweet Polar White with less than 30k miles! That car continued to be worked on and raced in SCCA for 4 years.

Fast-forward to 1998: the Polar White Si gets totaled as well. Surely a sad day, but one that would not end colink’s appetite for the CRX. He bought another 1990 CRX, this time in red. The two best words to describe this new find - rough and cheap. Great things were ahead in that the next word to describe the car was “project.” The red car underwent a comprehensive restoration in 1998, including paint, engine build, and an interior freshening from the prior second gen rex.

Later in ‘98 colink moved from Florida to Austin, Texas and by this time the CRX was removed from daily driving duties, splitting time with an SUV. A few more years of sweet CRX enjoyment passed, until the clouds darkened again in 2001, when the accident demon totaled the red 1990 CRX. He ended up buying it back and parking it in a garage, slowly stripping it over the next three years. In the fall of 2001, colink found himself in San Antonio, Texas on business; he came across the 1990 CRX he currently owns. It was in worse condition than the one sitting in the garage, but it was straight, cheap, and colink was willing to do the work. He was now on a CRX mission.

Colink had strict orders to get rid of the red shell that was occupying precious garage space. The motor was overhauled in the summer of 2003 and the engine swapped to the white car in October ‘03. Most of 2004 was spent amassing parts, like fresh moldings, weather stripping, and grommets, plus tasty EDM, CDN and JDM goodies. This stage of the white car’s life is referred to by colink as the “RedCross” phase, with body parts from the red car living on the white car’s chassis.

It all started to come together in March 2005, for it was time to paint, plus the shocks and sway bars were upgraded in 2006. Colink now drives the rex about 3-5k miles a year. His take on the current rex is, “I don't know that it will ever be complete, but it's a keeper.” With his extensive CRX history, we’re sure it will be a keeper.

Colink works as a Software Engineer, is happily married, and is the father of a 19 month old son. His time is now split between his family, his work, and then comes the garage. Plus there is his other project, his wife's 1995 BMW 525i.

It sure was a long road to the crisp, clean white CRX that can be seen today. See the modifications below:

411 (90 CRX Si):

  • Suspension
    • Koni Yellow adjustable shocks
    • H&R Sports Springs
    • Neuspeed rear anti-sway bar
    • Neuspeed front anti-sway bar
    • DC Sports strut bar

  • Exterior
    • OE Polar White paint
    • SE Spoiler and rear wiper
    • 15x7 Racing Evolution Wheels (Gunmetal)
    • 195-50 15 Goodyear Eagle F1 tires
    • Goodridge Stainless steel brake lines
    • Brembo front x-drilled rotors, with Brembo blanks in the rear, zinc coated
    • Hawk HP+ pads all around
    • All moldings + trim pieces replaced new

  • Powertrain
    • rebuilt stock d16a6 134,000m
    • K&N panel filter
    • vDC Sport 4-2-1 header (wrapped)
    • Greddy cat-back exhaust (2.25" piping)
    • High flow cat
    • lightened flywheel
    • LSD

  • Interior/stereo
    • Sparco steering wheel
    • Recaro SRD front seats
    • JDM rear seat (leather)
    • Mugen Pedals
    • OEM floor mats
    • OEM arm rest
    • stock OEM Honda shift knob
    • DC Short shifter
    • Rear JDM bass tubes in factory speaker location with Eclipse 5.25" speakers
    • Alpine CD player
    • Boston Pros 6.5" components up front