JDM southern style...

Once again Hondaphiles we bring you another installment of the feature.Now as the colder weather approaches and the leaves start falling most of us start preparation for storing our babies,but not BigDare! This lucky CRXer lives in the great state of Georgia and enjoying his baby is a year round affair!(I hate you)...;P....

Now as I said Darryl(aka BigDare23) is a resident of Georgia and a bonafied CRXaholic! Darryl picked this 1988 crx Si up back in 04 and since has been collecting parts from all over.As most of you can tell this lil rex is undergoing the JDM facelift and is on it's way to looking very good.

Darryl told the feature team that "I'm in the process of converting it into a EF8. I have a JDM frontend, JDM rear bumper, SiR wing (about to get installed), JDM rain visors, factory sunroof visor, factory mud flaps, vision style mirrors. JDM bumper pole, PasswordJDM lip, SiR steering wheel, JDM floormats, broadway mirror, 14in Mugen Mr5's, sedan rear door handles and a Type R shift knob. "

Not to have just the show without the Go Darryl installed a JDM B16a with a LSD equipped YS1 trans.Oh lets not forget that this motor combo isn't stock either!...No Way!

Sucking in the air we find a AEM cold air intake that feeds a Skunk2 intake manifold.Controlling the mixture is a beautiful set of CTR cams,and expelled gases are egressed via a Greddy 4-2-1 header and a Skunk2 exhaust cat back system.Darryl also tells us that being a student makes the process a slow go at times,but is fun.

It's all in the hunt buddy.....Isn't that why we do what we do Dare?

411 (88 CRX Si):

  • Exterior
    • EF8 front End conversion
    • EF8 rear bumper
    • JDM rain visors
    • sunroof visor
    • JDM bumper pole
    • PWJDM frt lip
    • Mugen Mr5's

  • Engine
    • JDM B16a
    • YS1 trans(LSD equipped)
    • CTR cams
    • Skunk2 intake
    • AEM cold air intake
    • Greddy 4-2-1 exhaust header
    • Ebay highflow cat
    • Skunk2 cat back exhaust system
    • AEM fuel rail
    • Competition Clutch stage 1 clutch
    • Number1 race flywheel (8lbs)
    • Unorthodox race crank pulley

  • Interior
    • SiR steering wheel
    • JDM floormats
    • Type R shift knob