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won't let me change my notification email, says its in use?

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won't let me change my notification email, says its in use?

Postby blue90ZC » Sun Nov 16, 2014 3:37 am

i want to change the email address i get notified with new replies to a different email, but when i try to change the email and press the submit button, it says "cannot change, that email is already in use", and its probably something to do with when i originally was trying to register, and might of not worked the first time which was when i put the other email address, but the second try i registered successfully but used the email thats my secondary email address that i don't use as often, and maybe somehow its saying my first email is in use cause of me trying to register with it the first time ? but i searched within the inbox of that email for anything with the words "CRX COMMUNITY", and did'nt pull anything up with it, so not sure how i could find out what username i had attached with the other email thats says is in use?

not sure if i described it good or not, but how can i change it to the other email i prefer to use, when its saying that email is already in use ? thanks
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Re: won't let me change my notification email, says its in u

Postby jfrolang » Mon Nov 17, 2014 1:33 am

PM me the email you want to use. If you can include the username you tried to sign up with the first time, that would help too.
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