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90 CRX Si - stolen

Thu Sep 17, 2020 8:53 am

Some douche bags stole my old CRX last month and 3 days later, I got it back after the police chased them down. They must have hit the oil pan during because the engine was toast. There is body damage on the quarter panels and
rear left and right panels as well and driver side glass broken. My shop has located a rebuilt engine but I wonder if I should upgrade to a JDM b16a DOHC rather than the stock b16a, they are used from Japan with low miles. Would a rebuilt engine be a better option than a low mileage one from Japan?

I've really had to make a case to justify putting money into my CRX, instead of just getting another vehicle. But I cannot part with that nimble little machine. Besides, where would I get such an outstanding car for less than $10,000, and in 5 speed, which are no longer really being produced(?!!!) And I love my CRX so so much, I'm so glad I got it back. If you have a '90s era Honda, keep it safe and if you really treasure it, get a Lojack. :-)b

Re: 90 CRX Si - stolen

Sat Sep 19, 2020 10:33 am

Personally I do my own work like engine rebuilding myself but there shouldn't be anything wrong with an imported b16a from a reliable shop that checks everything.

What not go high comp b20 for a fraction of the price then eventually throw a vtec head on it? I'm making around 230hp/171tq on a b20v with a 9500 redline but I have a few bucks into it.
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