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Scruffy's 91 CRX

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Scruffy's 91 CRX

Postby Scruffy » Mon Jul 16, 2018 5:53 pm

Hey guys. I'm starting to do a whole bunch of work and I'd love to document it as I'm going to be engine swapping and modding my Rex quite a bit, and I'd love to share my journey as well as help others with anything they might be doing.
Currently I have a 1991 HF With a manual Si trans and a blown moter and a rotting and falling apart wiring harness..
Of Course my hood struts are blown (Hence the wood keeping the trunk up)

D15B2 (HF Model) As you can see there's a huge oil leak..



It has a few mods (most of which are broke)


It has a Cold Air Intake

Aftermarket Steering Wheel


Lowered Suspension (That are completely Blown now (And aren't even attached in the wheel well anymore..))
It HAD a front splitter on it, but the previous owner took it off when he gave the car to me. He used to have a super-charged d16 in it, and took as much out as possible to take it to the drag. (Unfortunately I don't have any pics or track times, but I think he said it hit 12s?)
My clear-coat is coming off (as they do on all 90-91 rexes)

No Power Steering
Cracked Climate Control (Of course)
Both Seats are Torn up and need replacement
Rear Lift Gate's weather stripping leaks


I currently need to rebuild the engine, I'm doing everything on my YT channel:

If you guys can give me tips on rebuilding the engine, or re-doing the wiring harness I would love to have your involvement. Drop a comment on any general engine building tips here, or sub on my channel to help my young self not destroy my engine internally.. I look forward to making this for you guys! :D
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