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1990 DX/5spd - idle issues

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1990 DX/5spd - idle issues

Postby bthomas67wagon » Tue Aug 15, 2017 8:55 pm

It been a while since i was on here but today i noticed an issue w the idle.

After my 1 hr drive to work (at 65-75 mph), i noticed that the idle wasnt returning back down as low as it should...
I thought it was a surging idle issue and have been reading through many many threads across the net.

(And poked around looking for vac leaks and burping the coolent)

... but i just pulled her into the garage and let her warm up and allowed the idle to fall below the 1000 mark.
When i rev it and let off it comes down to around 1200.
I can softly push/pull/wiggle the dashpot to allow it to go back down to 750.
I can pinch the dashpot vac hose and it will accelerate

What do you think?
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