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Replaced PCV and now have missing SOLVED

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Replaced PCV and now have missing SOLVED

Postby jspringston1 » Tue Feb 13, 2018 6:19 pm

Hello everyone! I'm new to this forum as I just bought my first CRX from a friend. For dirt cheap I bought a 1988 Si that needed a clutch and what we think was a vacuum issue fixed. Before we get to the PCV and the aftermath of changing it I'll start from the beginning.

The problem with the car when I first got it was that you could drive it home and it would randomly bog down and pretty much fall on its face. It didn't matter if I eased into the pedal it wouldn't stop until you just let off the gas for a bit and change gears. When I got it home I began to read forums and began to do some minor things, cleaning the IACV, checking all the vacuum lines, cleaning the throttle plate. I even disconnected all the not needed emissions crap. Theres probably a few more things that I'm forgetting to list. In the end it helped it a little bit but when it was warm it began to surge again (it did it in the past and that's why I cleaned the IACV) it would jump from 1,000 to like 1,500. When it was surging I pinched the pcv line and it stopped doing it so I went to replace it. First off, it was a pain. I'm pretty sure it was the original and It was stuck in there good. So now to the part that concerns me. After replacing it my idle dropped to about 500 rpm and it felt like it was missing so I pulled the spark plug wire for cylinder 1 and nothing changed. (My thoughts were that maybe something fell in from the old pcv when i pulled it out because it had broke in half on the initial tug). I then wire back on and began to check the others and when it pulled wire number 4 it didn't change anything either. I don't know anything about these cars but I do feel confident in knowing that when pull a spark plug wire the engine should run rougher than before. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

Shortly after I posted this I cleaned the injectors and that fixed it. As far as bogging goes I was unfamiliar with OBD0 and didn't know it was blowing the code for the IACV which I had already cleaned so I found out how to clear the code and it runs perfect now.
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