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Need Engine Help for 1986 CRX Si

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Need Engine Help for 1986 CRX Si

Postby xzepx » Sat Sep 08, 2018 6:08 am

I have a 1986 CRX Si with California emissions, that has not been modified in any way.

For a number of reasons, I let it sit in a garage in Florida for around 15 years.

I am trying to bring the car back to life. I realize there are a lot of old posts out there, but I'm looking for current and specific advice. And please bear with me, as I am not a mechanic in any way...

I had a mechanic work on the car and replace all fluids, hoses, fuel pump, plugs, distributor,... I also had the fuel tank completely refurbished as the new tanks that are being sold online don't actually fit...

The car was "running" again. But at some point during the process, the engine became damaged and there is no compression in cylinders 1 and 2. The mechanic removed the head, and the thinking is that a spark plug tip broke off and pitted the top of the pistons, and the top of the head. No visible damage on the cylinder walls. We don't know if there is any damage to the rest of the engine.

I'm looking for options to get this fixed. Rehab the existing engine? Get a junkyard engine? Upgrade the engine? I'm not really looking to increase performance though I understand that is possible. I'm looking to do just the basics that will get the car to normal condition.

Personally, I think fixing the existing engine is the best bet, as a junkyard engine has too many unknowns and I might need to do the same or more work than on my existing engine. But for some reason, the mechanic thinks a junkyard engine is a better bet.

Looking for advice, and a good source for parts, from the experts here.
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