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Blown DX Differential

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Blown DX Differential

Postby Roxxy123 » Thu Apr 16, 2020 9:27 pm

Hi guys, searched a handful of forums and not entirely sure I've found my answer, but hopefully can find someone here with a little more knowledge.

I have a 1991 CRX DX and started getting a pretty bad steering vibration. Replaced both axles and seals, balanced and rotated my tires, etc., vibration continued. And my passengers axle started leaking again, thought I maybe rolled the seal or had a bad axle so replaced/warrantied both again. The vibration and leak continued, and I found I could grab my axle stub and shake it pretty good (usually a sign of bad diff bearings I'm thinking). So bought a rebuild kit-synchro's, bearings, seals. Well when I started disassembling the trans, I found some good scoring on the inside of the differential case where the axle slides into the spider gear, and also the spider gears are very easy to move around with my finger. I'm assuming a shim or something gave out and created a lot of gear lash, letting the axle bounce around inside the diff.

I can't find a differential assembly anywhere online for sale (except possibly a LSD but I'm not wanting to spend $700+ for a stock 92hp daily). I searched Honda's parts and found everywhere the diff and internal spider gears are discontinued, as expected. My friend was able to pick up a tired b16a6 with a trans from another friend who was scrapping it. From my knowledge, all the internal gears are the same except the final drive, as long as it is also from '91. I know the part numbers per Honda are the same for the differential and spider gears. The differential bearings say they're the same part number, but I thought the SI trans has a larger diff and input shaft bearings? Now I looked up the bearings per my rebuild kit website, and both have an internal diameter of 40mm, the outer diameter is the only difference.

Would I be able to take the differential assembly out of the SI trans and replace the bearings with my new DX rebuild kit bearings, swap the speedo gear and final drive gear, and drop it in my DX trans? Or would this not work? I don't have the SI trans yet but can tear it apart and measure it if I need to when I get it. I'm not sure the health of this SI trans. I know the motor was worked pretty hard, which makes me concerned of the internals of the trans. Was just hoping if someone had more hands on knowledge of the internal parts of each trans before I waste my time tearing into it or just throwing the SI trans in my car, or what you guys may suggest.

I appreciate all the help and info I get! Thank you guys ahead of time.
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