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Battery draining when not on 1989

PostPosted: Sat May 09, 2020 6:05 pm
by jaredpaulduncan
I have a 1989 crx hf for some unknown reason the battery drains when the car is off in other words when the key is out. I got out my multimeter and took the battery terminals off and measured the resistance. It measured at about 4 ohms. After turning the key to the on position there was no change in the resistance still 4 ohms. If I turn on the lights it goes down to less than one ohm. There were no obvious bare wires. I pulled out the ignition and those wires looked good. I am kinda stuck. Does anyone have advice on what to look for or anything?

Re: Battery draining when not on 1989

PostPosted: Thu Jan 07, 2021 11:25 pm
by Stock91HF
I have a ‘91 HF and just found my parasitic battery drain problem thru a full electrical diagnostic. I have door mounted seatbelts, the drivers door winder/ rewinder / locking unit mounted in the door isn’t unlocking (or locking) completely as it should, if I don’t disconnect the neg battery cable the circuit will remain active draining my battery sometimes only overnite. Just got it back from diagnostic today, other than pulling the neg battery cable I haven’t found a fix yet. Don’t imagine I’ll find a new belt winder unit. If yours has door mounted seatbelts close your door as normal then from the outside push in your door slightly, if you hear a slight clicking sound this might be your answer. Needs to be quiet around you to hear the click. Or... pull your neg battery cable and then touch them together to hear the clicking sound. (Disabling it means the belt won’t lock if in a accident) If this isn’t it a full electrical diagnostic is all I can suggest. Heard a bad radio install can cause a draw too. Mine is 99.9% stock so tracking down the problem wasn’t a problem for them to do. About $150 total cost.