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'86-'89 Integra Brake Booster fit to '84 CRX

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'86-'89 Integra Brake Booster fit to '84 CRX

Postby I Like Dry Toast » Sun Dec 31, 2017 5:39 pm

1984 CRX
Used for endurance road racing

I recently swapped the rear brakes on my 1984 CRX for '89 Integra rear disc brakes.

BTW, the reason for the swap was to manage heat soak in the rear hubs that burned up all the grease and helped destroy rear wheel bearings in less than 6 hours of track time. Drum brakes retain a lot of heat and discs are good at dissipating heat to the surrounding air. So, that's why I swapped.

Tested at the track, the brakes work well, but as expected pedal travel is longer than before. The F/R balance is good so no proportioning issues at this time.

I have, and would like to use, the 1990 Prelude 15/16" M/C with the '86-'89 Integra booster to shorten up my pedal travel.

My question is this: has anyone here installed this 1G Integra booster on the 1G CRX firewall? I have the spacer that moves the booster away from the firewall, but since this booster is over 2 inches larger in diameter, I'm concerned about conflicts with clutch and throttle cables.

Has anyone here done this swap? What issues did you encounter? I would appreciate any help you can provide.

I Like Dry Toast
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