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86 dx idle woes

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86 dx idle woes

Postby Cmdr_scotty » Sun Nov 04, 2018 11:11 pm

Over the weekend I picked up an 87 crx hf with a 86 dx motor swap.

I'm having issues with getting it to idle properly after it's warmed up. It'll either idle around 1.5 k or 800rpm depending on how I fiddle with it. But when I put the clutch in and put it in gear, it'll start to slow down and stall. When it is idling it flutters a little and I have to blip the throttle every so often to keep it from stalling when it's in that range between the fast idle/choke and fully warmed up.

I'm thinking it's a vacuum problem (shudder) and/or clutch issue where it's not fully disengaged.

I always thought that a vacuum leak will result in it trying to idle high, but this is just odd that its really sensitive to staying at idle.
Sometimes it does stall when I hit the brakes but that's probably a leak in the booster that I haven't looked into too much yet
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