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1987 CRX SI PGM-FI rough idle/ticking vacuum advance

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1987 CRX SI PGM-FI rough idle/ticking vacuum advance

Postby 1gen87crxsi » Sun Dec 09, 2018 10:47 pm

Hey CRX community

Enjoying a 1st Gen 1987 CRX SI that runs well once it is warm. An occasional backfire and runs really rough with surging idle until it is up to a good temperature. Stalls and takes time to start again if I don't warm the engine before driving. Some surging idle even after engine warms. Closing PCV line does not smooth the surging -- mechanic said this means I'm running lean.

1. Bled the coolant. Seems fine.
2. Checked for vacuum leaks. Seems fine.
3. Replaced ECU with used that matches the year of car. Had a 1986 version installed that worked, but a true match felt right.
4. Bypassed AC idle control that is missing it's cap/vent/(regulator?) A temporary fix until I can find that part...
5. Fast Idle valve : tightened the ring inside a bit but not all the way. Tuned the mix screw to lower idle some.

Still the rough idle and tendency to stall until car reaches full running temps.

This weekend an experienced import mechanic took a look and we settled on the new Cardone distributor being faulty. Previous owner installed it last summer. The rotor was very loose and vacuum advance unit makes an odd ticking sound. Mechanic said he doesn't like Cardone products and suspects this was a bad part out of the box.

I am searching for a good replacement. Found an Autoline part on Rock Auto. Napa has a rebuilt part but names no brand.

Any suggestions for locating a quality 1st Gen distributor?
Other thoughts to diagnose the idle problem?

Any and all thoughts appreciated.

Thanks all
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