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Y8 motor swap

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Y8 motor swap

Postby Ryannnn » Tue Jul 06, 2021 4:15 pm

I just got a deal on a 98 civic ex. It has the y8 with a manual trans.

I bought this for a motor swap for my 91 crx dx d15b2 dpfi. Manual trans

The goal here is to have a reliable car that has a little more hp then the duel point did.

I'm trying to use the whole Buffalo with this swap. The question is does anyone see any issues with these parts working with this project.

-Full d16y8 motor
-mpfi intake/fuel rail
-obd2 Distributor from the y8
-p2p ecu
-crx harness modified (garage built honda has a great YouTube series but its all based off of obd1)
-manual trans from the crx OR convert to hydro trans from the civic?

If this has been done before I apologize, I just can not find any writeups on this specific situation.
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Re: Y8 motor swap

Postby BrakeExpert » Fri Jul 09, 2021 11:54 pm

Regarding the trans, thats upto you, its quite a bit more work to install a hydro trans, if you want to hybridize some gearing you can, but using say an Si trans might work just as well and be a lot simpler. The trans to engine should bolt up, and do remember the y8 revs to 7500rpm.

Also remember that the stock 98 civic ECU is obd2a and will be expecting two oxygen sensors and a cat, lucky you got the one without air injection. The fuel rails ought to be fine (and from a CRX HF/Si ought to actually work too.) the 98 EX used a similar filter and a returnable fuel system so the lines ought to bolt up close enough that ya wont even need to modify em. Im not sure about your harness but remember other little things like the y8 has a MAP sensor on the throttle body, not the firewall of the car. Definitely try and score a 99 Civic EX exhaust manifold and b-pipe as its tubular, not cast iron so its lighter and flows better. Sorry I'm a bit less familiar with swapping into CRXs as i'm new to the chassis, the EK chassis I know like the back of my hand, so on that front I'll help with what I can.
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Re: Y8 motor swap

Postby Ryannnn » Sat Jul 17, 2021 11:49 am

Thanks for your input! I just got the y8 pulled and I'm starting to replace all of the gaskets.

If anyone knows or has the pinning diagram from the crx cabin I would appreciate it. I think thats the only place I'm going to run into major issues.
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