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Help with Cel code 3??

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Help with Cel code 3??

Postby repusnam5 » Tue Jul 03, 2018 9:04 pm


91 crx hf with a dx block mpfi conversion and A6 ECU.

I just recently got my crx back up and running after letting it sit for 2 years. It was only sitting because i had to do the lower spark plug seals, they kept leaking oil and fouling the plugs. I adjusted valve lash after replacing these. Its driving great but I keep throwing a code 3-Map sensor. The car doesn't seem to run any differently when the cel comes on. I have verified the vacuum line is good, no leaks. Electrical connection seems fine but I have a pigtail on the way just in case. I tried an alternate Map and it does the same thing.

It doesn't happen all the time.

I live in the mountains and there's quite a bit of elevation gain this is where it seems to happen the most, going up or down this one particularly large mtn/hill every day.
I've only had it happen down in town, at lower elevation a couple times. The CEL seems to stays off about %90 of the time in town and then comes on going either up or down the big hill.

Any ideas?
I didn't have this problem before i parked it but i also didn't live in the mountains. Could my valve lash be off and cause this?

Any help is appreciated!
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