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89 CRX Stumbling on Acceleration when warm

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89 CRX Stumbling on Acceleration when warm

Postby moreuniQue » Wed Aug 08, 2018 9:21 am

This problem just came up, and it's frustrating me quite a bit. Just started before the weekend. Car starts quickly some times, other times it doesn't. Got an aftermarket distributor 3 months ago, installed fine and worked as it should. With weather getting warm where I'm from it has made the problem more noticeable. Wires were checked, plugs are in good condition. Fuel filter was changed for $4 which I thought was the problem, but turns out it wasnt. Crx has a B18A1 swap, and engine wise the car has been great except for my old dizzy which I replaced 3 months ago. When Ive been driving for at least 5 minutes any moderate to full throttle imput makes the car bog down, almost stalling. It is more noticeable up hills. I want to think maybe my "new" dizzy is faulty but honestly dont know. Tachometer a few times has gone up erratically even when at idle. That problem is intermittent though. Any advice is appreciated! Want this fixed asap
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