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Transmissions noise

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Transmissions noise

Postby ki11r0y1086 » Sat Apr 04, 2020 9:30 pm

I have a 95 JDM GSR trans with a factory LSD in a 91 CRX. I have new motor mounts, suspension, brakes, bushings, bearings, tie rod ends, and other goodies. When i release the clutch in any gear i hear a thunk, its more noticeable in 1st, 2nd, and reverse. With the car in neural while coasting I hit the brakes and don't hear a noise, when in gear I hit the brakes a slight thunk. My first thought was suspension or bushings but they are all new and installed correctly. I then checked for clearance around the motor (B20) and any where it might be hitting. I have yet to find anything. While the car is on jack stands I am having a friend put it in 1st/revers and pull the clutch out. I will be looking at the motor to see if it is hitting any where then do the same test on the ground. When the car is on jack stands I can rotate one wheel roughly 10 degrees before the other side starts to spin. I also hear a loud clack noise from the trans once the other side starts to rotate. This seems to me it is the diff. Before I take the trans out to rebuild it is their any other test I can do? or any other ideas? If it is the diff can I rebuild it? If I need to buy a new diff can I use an LS with an aftermarket LSD? I know the bolt pattern is different but if i replace the whole unit will it work in the trans? Thank you for your help and stay safe during this crazy time.
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