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Hush Performance hydraulic conversion

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Hush Performance hydraulic conversion

Postby Norseman » Tue Jun 23, 2020 12:40 am

Hey everyone,

I'm in the middle of putting an all H22A motor and trans in my '90 CRX Si, using the Elicit Speed kit, and since I bought the swap kit without the ESP cable to hydro actuator I went a bought one of the Innovative Mounts but it doesn't clear the ESP traction bar system. So in looking around online (and knowing how ESP is usually out of their stuff), I've been considering a number of options. Right now, the option that looks to have the best potential is the new V3 full hydro conversion that you can see here on their webpage: https://www.hushperformance.com/product ... conversion

Are any of you running this setup? What do you guys think?


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