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CRX SI Engine into HF chassis wiring guide (89-91)

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CRX SI Engine into HF chassis wiring guide (89-91)

Postby antinull » Fri Jan 29, 2021 10:33 am

I decided to re-write some directions about putting an 89-91 SI engine & engine wiring harness in an 89-91 HF chassis while keeping the HF chassis wiring. Please let me know if any of this information is incorrect. it took a bit of searching to put this together.

The wires ( except for the one yellow) are in different locations in the HF and SI connectors.

Move the following wires in the SI engine harness plug to make them match the HF chassis harness.

1 > 7
2 > 5
3 > 8
4 stays
5 > remove
6 > remove
7 > 1
8 > 6
Passenger side igniter > 2 (see below)

De-pin the blue and black/yellow wires from the SI engine connector as they won’t be used (Fast Idle Control Valve power/ECU pin b2) .

The igniter wire is the white wire (pin 2) in the HF chassis harness connector at the driver’s side
On the Si engine harness it is in a passenger side connector.
Go to the square 6-pin connector on the passenger side of the SI engine harness, find the white wire from the igniter and de-pin it.
Re-route that wire to the driver’s side connector (pin 2) This wire may need to be extended.

only pin 3 should be empty on the Si engine harness after those moves have taken place.
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