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All parts relating to the CRX. If it's from another Honda, but is commonly used for the CRX, it's ok.
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Interior,Aftermarket suspension upgrade,Body panels,and etc

Sun Oct 11, 2020 9:45 pm

I have more parts that's not listed, so if you need something that I don't already have listed, please inquire about it through the thread or private message me, please. All OEM parts listed with part numbers are all brand new in OEM Honda packaging still. I'm located less than 30 minutes south of Kansas City, Kansas. Let me know if you would like to buy parts. Thanks for looking!

VMS Racing CF sunroof panel, new $280
Rear X brace, new $380
ASR subframe brace, new $190
Front Ebay L & R fenders, new $300
Wolf Steel rear quarter panels, new $600
Ebay universal rear lower floor brace, black, new $60
Skunk 2 front upper control arms used $110
AEM intake 88-91 Civic/CRX with B18C1, part number 21-5002, new $200
88-91 CRX climate control repair plate, new $20
90-91 amber corner lights, new $30
90-91 J spec racing replica lips, new (2x) $250 each
90-91 CRX dash with cluster, shifter console, ashtray and radio console/trim/plate, parking brake cover, and armrest! $500
90-91 CRX maroon rear bumper OEM with bumper support $100
90-91 CRX front bumper painted gray with bumper support and OEM front lip $200
90-91 CRX front bumper OEM red with bumper support $100
90-91 CRX front bumper OEM $50
88-89 Y49 front bumper OEM $50
88-89 CRX Si wheels/rims with tires $300
88 CRX front doors spray painted gray, driver door has no glass but passenger does, no door panels, pillar mounted seat belt doors $100
88 CRX front door OEM red, HF door with mirror plate cover
90-91 front headlights $50
88-91 CRX shifter console $25
88 CRX pillar mounted seat belt door panels $200
90-91 CRX door mounted seat belt door panels $150
88-91 CRX rear interior windows quarter panel piece $50
88-91 CRX side skirts OEM $50
88-91 CRX underhood heat covers (2x) $40
90-91 CRX front SI seats (2 sets) $100 per set with seat rails (one passenger seat has no rails)
88-91 CRX parking brake cover $25
88-91 CRX windshield wiper cowl $30
88-91 Civic rust repair rocker panels $80
88-91 CRX Si engine harness $200
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Re: Interior,Aftermarket suspension upgrade,Body panels,and

Mon Oct 12, 2020 4:15 am

PM sent.

Re: Interior,Aftermarket suspension upgrade,Body panels,and

Sat Oct 24, 2020 3:32 pm


Re: Interior,Aftermarket suspension upgrade,Body panels,and

Mon Nov 02, 2020 4:51 pm

51464-S04-013 upper ball joint boot (2x) $8
52338-SL0-003 control arm clip (4x) $28
74316-SH2-010 roof molding left $80
74306-SH2-010 roof molding right $80
73810-SH2-003 rear quarter window molding windshield right $70
73860-SH2-003 rear quarter window molding windshield left $70
76620-SH2-A02 front driver wiper blade $25
76630-SH2-A02 front passenger wiper blade $25
38470-SB2-013 rear wiper blade $20
74130-SH3-A01 hood cable $80
08P09-SH2-100 90-91 rear mud guards $60
91580-SH3-003 90-91 corner light clips (4x) $15
90671-SH3-003 under hood prop clip $10
85269-SH3-003 rear hatch shock bolt studs (2x) $20
90103-SH2-000 rear hatch shock bolt (4x) $45
91509-SH2-003 quarter clip garnish for rear windshield (6x) $40
75723-SH2-A21ZB 90-91 Si rear emblem sticker $25
75712-SH2-000ZJ 90-91 Honda rear emblem sticker $20
88-91 Antenna blocker plate with screws and washer
90105-SB6-003 screw (2x) $1
39153-SB6-000 washer seal cap $10
39152-594-004 cap roof seal $10

All these sold to Signalpuke! Thanks for the business!
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